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Meet the Crypto Autopilot – A New Way to Generate Bitcoin Returns

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OSOM, an Estonian Fintech, launched an AI-powered trading service that helps users increase their crypto holdings with little to no effort – Crypto Autopilot.

What is Crypto Autopilot about?

Driven by the desire to make the life of crypto users easier, OSOM created an algorithm that automatically locates growth opportunities among over 30 altcoin pairs of Bitcoin. The aim of Autopilot is to obtain the best long term returns for its users.

Available on the OSOM app, the Autopilot can be accessed via Web, Android or iOS apps. Note that it works just with Bitcoin, due to its market capitalization and big number of altcoin pairs.

To access the Crypto Autopilot you need to sign up on the OSOM app, which is free. Then you need to make a minimum deposit of just 0.0025 BTC (around 25.00 EUR). You can deposit with a credit or debit card, via SEPA transfer, or via SWIFT payment.

How are altcoins chosen for trading?

Deciding what altcoins are best for the trading activity isn’t an easy task. First, there’s a lot of changes in the market, so every second counts. That’s why Autopilot adapts automatically to any difference of value.

Second, all the cryptocurrencies need to meet the following quality criteria:

  • High market cap
  • High liquidity
  • Authenticity
  • No stable or privacy coins

And third, an arbitration committee of experts from OSOM and their Belgian business partner InvestSuite (who designed the algorithm) daily refines the token universe within which the Autopilot trades. After that, the AI makes sure through each trade that no coin is allowed to dominate the crypto portfolio along by optimizing entry and exit timing.

Why is the Crypto Autopilot so special?

First of all, one of the greatest benefits of this algorithm is its world-class performance. OSOM’s Crypto Autopilot manages to consistently beat competing offerings in the long run. Another important thing to notice is that as opposed to other trading algorithms, the Crypto Autopilot doesn’t require monthly fees. On the contrary! OSOM charges you only if you had positive results during the month – and just 10% of the return.

Another great benefit is that the users of Autopilot can check the Insights page in the app – which shows the assets accounting for most of the allocated funds. That way, users can have an overview of the trading activity.

Who operates OSOM?

OSOM is a brand operated by Polybius, a Belgian-Estonian group specialised in platform development that started its activity in 2018. It was founded by Anton Altement, Ivan Turygin and Sergey Potapenko, with the aim of developing solutions for financial inclusion.

With features such as Autopilot, they sustain the raising of the cryptocurrency industry, leading to a better world and empowering the small guy.

If you want to find more about OSOM innovations, feel free to follow them on social media or on their website!






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