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Meet HACK Fund, the Latest Funding Venture from the Hackers/Founders Team

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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This is a guest author post, provided by the team at HACK Fund, for information about HACK Fund visit

Meet HACK Fund, the latest funding venture from the Hackers/Founders Team.

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HACK Fund decentralizes and democratizes venture capital by raising money through a security token offering (STO).

HACK Fund is the fifth fund by Hackers and Founders. Their previous four funds have delivered an IRR of 30% the last five years across 55 companies who have raised over $100M and have had 7 exits.

Jonathan Nelson, the managing director of HACK Fund served on an SEC advisory committee on capital formation, and it was that experience that led to the creation of HACK Fund and led them to raise by STO.


The problem with traditional venture capital is that investors only make money when the portfolio companies get sold to a Big Tech Co, or IPO.  And, when most of the world tech acquisitions happen in Silicon Valley, most of the world venture capital is centralized there.

By issuing an STO, HACK Fund democratizes venture capital and allows thousands of smaller investors invest into some of the world’s top technology companies. And, since HACK tokens are tradable, HACK Fund can invest in amazing tech companies anywhere in the globe without worrying if the startup holds an IPO or is acquired by a tech giant like Google.

The startups HACK Fund come from Hackers and Founders’ massive global community of tech entrepreneurs who are only selected for investment after they go through a peer review, investor interviews and due diligence. We focus heavily on technology companies that have real customers, real revenues and aggressive growth.


HACK Tokens are based on the Ethereum ERC-223 standard and act like digital stock certificates. Aggregate valuation of the companies in the fund is performed quarterly by a third party, after which the results are published for all investors. The token’s value comes from the price of the startups it invests in, rather than the fluctuations of the crypto markets.

So in order to make it easier for investors of all types to join in, HACK Fund decided to team with up with BRD. BRD Secure Checkout is now on the HACK Fund dashboard and provides users all the tools they need while guiding them through every step of the sale so that they can become HACK Fund investors.

HACK Fund recently inked a partnership with Vodafone procurement to invest in 15 companies a year that they will work to scale to $100M a year in revenue across 100+ partner telcos and 1.2 Billion customers globally.

To participate in HACK Fund, visit or email to learn more. Check out our fund documents here. Open to investors worldwide and a limited number of accredited US investors.

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