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Mechanical Technology Appoints Michael Toporek as New CEO

The VeChain Foundation Partners With Cyprus’ Grant Thornton
The VeChain Foundation Partners With Cyprus’ Grant Thornton

Mechanical Technology, Incorporated (MTI), has revealed a new member of its Board of Directors, Michael Toporek, according to a press release. Toporek will be the group’s CEO, and has been a part of the board since 2016.

Toporek will focus on the following:

“To lead the transformation of MTI into an emerging growth company focused on renewable energy infrastructure. MTI’s sensors are in GE wind turbines, its instruments are being incorporated into manufacturing next generation electric vehicle batteries and through EcoChain, Inc. (“EcoChain“), MTI data centers will continue to be 100% powered by renewable energy and help utilities manage the power grid.”

The new CEO shared some thoughts on the matter, stating:

“We are fortunate to have a great instruments business that is intensely focused on its customers’ needs. It’s our job to expand the market opportunities for our instruments business in a responsible, capital efficient way. One of the most promising segments is the Electric Vehicle (EV) market.”

He also said:

“Another area we expect to scale up significantly is our EcoChain business. After successfully implementing a pilot project to mine cryptocurrencies in Washington State, I plan to spend a significant portion of my time and energy growing EcoChain into one of the premier publicly held cryptocurrency mining companies 100% powered by renewable energy with a strong focus on capital efficiency and disciplined rate of return requirements.”

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