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MathWallet Raises $7.8 Million in Series A Funding Round

MathWallet, a self-described “multi-platform universal crypto wallet that enables storage and cross-chain exchanges of over 50 major public blockchain tokens such as BTC, ETH, and Polkadot,” has raised $7.8 million in a Series A Funding Round, according to a press release from the group.

This funding round was led by Alameda Research and Multicoin Capital, the release notes. Speaking on the matter is the Founder and CEO of Alameda Research, who said:

“We are really excited to be working with Math Global across many adventures. As one of the leading wallets in the space, MathWallet has a ton to bring to the Serum ecosystem.”

Also sharing some thoughts is the Fenbush Capital Founding Partner, Bo Shen, who said:

“MathWallet has been making tremendous breakthroughs in blockchain-based financial product engineering. The user growth across the global market has been more than exceptional. In just three years, MathWallet team has taken the company from a humble startup to one of the most widely used crypto wallets, supporting more public blockchains than any other wallets. It is a very exciting space to be in as we start redefining the financial world.”

Kyle Samani, the Founding Partner of Multicoin Capital, said:

“Having the opportunity to co-invest with Alameda Research in MathWallet enables us to bring onboard strategic partners to their existing strong alliances with important maker players. Together we will support MathWallet’s continuous dedication to innovation.”

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