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Marshall Mathers Just Bought His Digital Lookalike ‘EminApe’ for $450,000

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Eminem lookalike NFT
Eminem lookalike NFT

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Eminem is no stranger to the world of NFTs. Since the time when NFTs entered the mainstream marketplace, Eminem has consistently made efforts to include only the best pieces in his collection. And the purchase of his latest NFT, fondly known as EminApe, only adds flair to this fact.

As per data released by, the completion of this purchase puts Eminem on the coveted list of celebrities who own more than 100 NFTs in their library.

Official metrics estimate Eminem’s collection to feature at least 248 NFTs; however, there are many interesting aspects about this purchase which helps it stand out from the crowd, and in today’s post, we will explore exactly those.

All About EminApe

EminApe, is a part of BAYC or Bored Ape Yacht Club created by Yuga Labs and is surprisingly a digital lookalike of the celebrity rapper. Post his purchase, Eminem changed his Twitter profile picture with EminApe, and it clearly displays the similarities.

For instance, in the NFT, the iconic bored ape can be seen wearing a khaki cap with a gold chain hanging around his neck, which is clearly inspired from a page out of the world-famous rapper’s style book.

The news about Eminem’s purchase of EminApe was announced to the public by GeeGazza, who is an existing member of BAYC. Although the exact price of the NFT is not known, experts predict that the transaction cost Eminem 123.45 ETH or approximately $450,000. The sale was completed on 30th December 2021 and was hosted by OpenSea, which is the best NFT marketplace of its kind in the world.

Although the NFT is fondly known as EminApe, in official terminology, it is commonly referred to as BAYC #9055. As per reports, the transaction was initiated by an account holder Shady Holdings, which is the official account of the artist on the OpenSea platform. A quick browse through OpenSea reveals the other NFT artworks collected by Eminem till date and grants the amused spectator an inside look into his work.

Industry experts who are closely following the news suggested that the NFT was originally owned by a user who goes by the name of GeeGazza, and the transaction has been in the works for some time now.

Once the transaction went through, GeeGazza could no longer contain his excitement, and he was the first one to announce on Twitter about the sale. Shortly thereafter, Eminem changed the profile picture of his official Twitter account with the NFT, and since then, the online NFT community cannot get enough of this news.

Reports by experts also suggest that the entire transaction was overseen by Agency Six, which in the past has orchestrated and managed such exchanges for celebrities like Galantis, Wu-Tang Clan and Tycho.

While the actual occurrence of this transaction might appear to be a one-off event to the unsuspecting observer, however in reality, GeeGazza has been manifesting this day for quite some time now.

On 2nd November 2021, GeeGazza put out a tweet which read, “I still think @Eminem is destined to buy my @BoredApeYC one day,” and on 1st January, he announced the completion of the sale with his tweet, “I sold @Eminem his @BoredApeYC.”

Not only did this news come as a surprise to many people, but it also attracted a lot of praise from noteworthy creators in the NFT space.

Everyone from @BoomBoomNFT, who tweeted, “Selling that ape to Eminem is probably the biggest flex I’ve seen in this space tbh” to @0xFastly, who tweeted, “Congrats! This aged well ?,” everyone unanimously agrees that this is a huge achievement.


Eminem is no stranger to the world of NFTs and his consistent investment in some of the best NFT stocks is a testament to this fact.

He made his first mark in this space by launching his own beat-inspired animated NFT collection aptly named Stans in April 2021. According to metrics released by aggregator, Eminem, under his pseudo-identity, Slim Shady, owns about 248 NFTs spanning 48 collections and is the owner of some of the most prized digital artworks.

All the way from Adult Fantasy Sub-Dude to Superlative Apes #3880, Eminem is a dedicated investor in the NFT space, and along with this, he recently joined hands with Paul Rosenberg to fund upwards of $30 million in building an NFT marketplace called Makersplace. Thus it can be safely said that there is a lot more NFT news headed our way from Eminem.

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