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Mark Cuban’s NFT and Crypto Fixation

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Mark Cuban NFT
Mark Cuban NFT

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Recently, the Dallas Mavericks launched the Mavs NFT in response to an unprecedentedly high demand from their fans for the same! Interestingly, these tokens can be collected, bought, or sold at the Dallas Mavericks shop, where they are available for game ticket buyers. The idea is simple – the more games you attend the more tickets and tokens you receive.

To add to that, these tokens represent some of the brand’s dedicated supporters on the blockchain.

NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, owned by Mark Cuban – a billionaire & NFT enthusiast, has begun issuing players profile pictures as non-fungible tokens called The Mavs. A total of 20,000 NFTs are minted per game and made available to those fans who attend live games wearing their Mavs gear. In the last month, the Mavs had its first full capacity since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Is Mark Cuban’s Mavs NFT?

The Mavs NFT by Mark Cuban is part of the refreshing new token system which gives out both rewards and mementos to fans.  These collectibles are used in the NBA to reward team fans for attending games. Again, with Mavs NFT, the more games you attend, the better collectibles you can hope of securing.

The new MetaMavs NFTs or MetaLegends can be pictures of replicas created by artists, or of tickets into the game developed by the team itself. The team has also expressed a keen interest for developing creative NFTs in their giveaways and tokens soon.

With these MetaMavs, you can collect and keep your favorite historical NFTs in a digital locker for every player and team to suit any NBA fan. It’s worth noting that the NFTs range from $180-$9000 and they’ll never go out of style, thanks to their limited availability.

Additionally, since these are registered NFTs, fans can trade or gift them to those loved ones who are also planning to buy NFTs.

Mark Cuban is ‘Lazy’ about NFTs! What’s All the Hype About?

Mark Cuban, an avid collector of NFTs, has created a new website to showcase his collection called He often invests plenty of time in shopping for NFTs online, while using to manage his collection.

Despite purchasing an incredible number and variety of NFTs, Cuban was confused about what to do with them after the purchase. After all, there was no easy way for him to publicly display the artworks he had purchased, nor would he want to sell his incredible collection. That’s when he created the exclusive, “the lazy way to show off NFTs.”

Recently, in an interview, Mark Cuban describes the growing need for digital data storage and how digital collectibles add value to a new storage experience. He also discussed how pricing will continue to fluctuate in accordance with supply and demand, even in the realm of digital media.

Before skeptics argue or wonder about the value of digital collectibles like CryptoPunk, Cuban has this to say: “Which picture on your phone do you want to delete when you run out of storage?” Digital media is just as valuable as our physical media. NFTs (digital assets) and ERC-721 (Collectibles) are easy and fun ways to express yourself both physically and digitally.

Mark Cuban’s NFT Affair & Cryptocurrencies for upcoming years

Mark Cuban, among the top ten wealthiest humans in the world, has invested over ten million dollars into NFTs and Bitcoins so far.

With the proliferation of smart contracts, Cuban is eager to see what new and unique applications may arise and replace processes that exist now. Simply put, Smart Contracts are digitally coded agreements stored on the blockchain. They use a single digital token to program the sale and exchange of goods and services, and are extremely essential in powering DeFi and NFTs, among other things.

In an interview, Shark Tank legend and NBA team owner, Mark Cuban, discussed how Ethereum’s smart contracts have been transformative. “In the past, I’ve been what I call a Bitcoin maxi – I just think of myself as a believer in Bitcoin that’s looking for useful applications and believe that was absolutely one. Smart contracts are another and there will be others.”

Despite Meg Whitman’s support of bitcoin, Mark Cuban favors Ethereum. Cuban tweeted on Oct. 16 that he preferred ether because he believed “there are a number of potential applications that will change the [business and] consumer world forever” and noted that to be able to use them, consumers need to buy the crypto.

He also expressed high optimism that many more opportunities for smart contracts will come in near future.


Cuban is one of the early entrants into cryptocurrency & NFT investing. He has a diverse portfolio in stocks and investments in companies in the space. We featured him on our list of famous Bitcoin investors.

While many difficulties related to blockchain still exist, two major benefits include cost savings and product freshness. Since Mark Cuban still sees crypto as an opportunity despite its current fluctuations, it’s likely that more sports clubs will execute crypto & NFT campaigns, following Cuban’s footprint. A pool of other investors is also looking forward and considering NFTs as an investment.

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