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Mark Cuban Has an Impressive Portfolio of ERC Tokens

Mark Cuban Raribles
Mark Cuban Raribles

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Mark Cuban, the billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has had quite a lot to say about cryptocurrencies in the past few weeks. While he has been critical of the assets in the past, new information shows that the internet entrepreneur actually has quite an impressive portfolio.

Mark’s Up to Something

Yesterday, Cuban revealed in an engagement with a Twitter follower that he had his fair share of “shitcoins.” The billionaire had posted a tweet about some recent collectibles available on Rarible, a non-fungible token (NFT) platform for creating and securing digital tokens with blockchain technology.

The user, who simply goes by the name “Steven,” recommended that Cuban could trace the collectibles by tracking the account that funded their associated Rarible wallet address. Responding, Cuban explained that he had amassed a considerable amount of shitcoins, leading to believe that he had a considerable crypto stash. 

Apparently, he does have some cryptos. His Rarible profile includes a public address, which had been funded by another wallet. The wallet features several ERC-20 tokens, including the OPEN governance token, MASQ, and HYVE. The entire token stash is worth about 0.5 ETH, at press time.

More Into Crypto than We Thought

This discovery is yet another piece of evidence that Cuban might be more into crypto than many people think. The billionaire, who once claimed to prefer having a banana to holding any Bitcoin, has recently been vocal about his thoughts on cryptocurrencies.

Whether it’s casting doubt on Bitcoin’s ability to replace fiat currencies or advising companies to emulate the leading digital asset’s monetary policy, Cuban has had different takes on cryptocurrencies for sure.

The billionaire got some flack recently for comparing the industry’s current state to the internet bubble in the early 2000s.

“Watching the cryptos trade, it’s EXACTLY like the internet stock bubble. EXACTLY. I think btc, eth , a few others will be analogous to those that were built during the dot-com era, survived the bubble bursting and thrived, like AMZN, EBay, and Priceline. Many won’t,” the billionaire wrote.

Cuban’s tweet immediately drew comments from several in the industry. These included Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong, Gemini exchange co-CEO Tyle Winklevoss, and more. 

While many criticized his premise, Cuban eventually admitted to his bullish stance on assets like Bitcoin. He added that he held some BTC from the early days of Coinbase and that he never sold out of his holdings.

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