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Magic Eden Joins Helio Pay To Launch A Multi-chain Pre-Sale Platform For NFT Creators

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Helio Pay and Magic Eden
Helio Pay and Magic Eden

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Magic Eden, a multi-chain digital marketplace for crypto and non-fungible tokens, has teamed up with the web3 payment platform Helio Pay to launch a pre-sale platform for NFT creators. This platform is the first multi-chain platform in the short history of NFTs.

Magic Eden Taps Helio To Launch Pre-sale Platform For NFT Creators

In a June 29 press release, the digital asset marketplace confirmed partnering with Helio Pay to launch the new pre-sale platform for NFT creators. The joint project is believed to be a game changer in the world of art. The project is the first multi-chain pre-sale platform for NFT creators.

Founded in 2022, Helio Pay is a web3 payment platform created by serial entrepreneurs “Jim Walker” and “Stijn Paumen.” The fintech company processes payment transactions in e-commerce, NFT sales, SaaS subscriptions, content paywalls, and other payments for over 900 merchant customers and 35,000 users.

Under the new integration, Magic Eden and Helio Pay anticipate bringing to life the first integrated presale-to-mint platform across Solana, a blockchain platform that uses a proof of stake consensus mechanism to process transactions, Ethereum, a decentralized chain with smart contract functionality, and Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network.

By simplifying its more than one-year purchasing experience, Helio integrates many valuable features that allow creators and brands to easily pre-sell their NFTs, efficiently reach the right audience of holders, build anticipation, and maximize the success of their NFT projects.

Magic And Helio Pre-Sale Platform To Boost NFT Creations

It’s worth noting that the non-fungible token market is still in its early innings, and new innovations and creator needs to emerge constantly. In that context, Helio and Magic Eden have partnered to offer a simple and slick checkout experience, streamlining the process of pre-selling NFTs and generating sales momentum leading up to the minting event on Magic Eden Launchpad.

In the meantime, the new Magic Eden Pre-sales platform is available for more than 1,000 creators through the Magic Eden Creator Hub. The offering starts with Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon, with Bitcoin and more blockchains following later.

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