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Mad Lads, Tensor & Phantom Join Dialect To Make Solana NFT Transactions Sharable On X

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Mad Lads, one of the leading non-fungible token projects on Solana; Tensor, one of Solana’s largest non-fungible token marketplace; and Phantom, a multi-chain crypto wallet, have partnered with Dialect, a protocol and developer stack for delivering crypto experiences everywhere, to make Solana digital products transactions sharable on various social media platforms.

Dialect Introduces Blinks And Actions On Solana Ecosystem

In a June 25 blog post, Dialect, a renowned protocol and developer stack, confirmed partnering with Solana developers like Backpack to make Solana-based digital items transactions, including the non-fungible tokens, crypto tokens and meme coins, sharable on social media platforms such x (formerly known as Twitter.)

Launched in April 2023, Mad Lads is a non-fungible token series from the Solana infrastructure development project, Backpack that features a limited set of 10,000 NFTs with an art design that is a mixture of anime and Peaky Blinders. Backpack is also the creator of the Backpack crypto wallet and exchange platform.

On the other hand, Phantom is a multi-chain crypto wallet helping users explore web3, use apps, buy, store, and trade crypto and NFTs across Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon, while Tensor is a non-fungible token platform aggregator on the Solana blockchain. Tensor also aggregates ten marketplaces, including Magic Eden, Hadeswap, Elixer, and more.

Under the new integration, the Dialect and Solana techs have created two protocols, “Blinks and Action,” to make this project work efficiently and effectively. Actions are a protocol for developing and delivering Solana transactions through URLs, while Blinks, or Blockchain Links, are clients that detect Action URLs and unfurl them into full experiences, making Solana transactions sharable everywhere.

Actions make Solana portable, letting developers build atomic, sharable units of their protocols and decentralized applications (dapps.) Actions are related to APIs, making them easy to develop. Crypto users are required to wire up their transaction and deploy it to a URL and Blinks clients like Phantom and Backpack will handle the rest.

How Safe Are Blinks And Actions?

Dialect has partnered with the Solana, Phantom and Backpack security experts to run a public registry of actions that will keep all users safe from related phishing scams. Dialect and Solana have vowed to continue expanding support to more surfaces on the internet. Blinks are not new and are like the Link Previews, which were previously launched by Magic Eden.

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