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LUNA Price Predicts – What Will Be The Future Price?


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Terra (LUNA) recorded price volatility in the crypto market today. Moreover, the news that its founder had been jailed also affected its price. 

At the beginning of May stood at $1.2493. Although it had outperformed a few coins, it’s currently experiencing dramatic price swings in the past 24 hours. 

As of press time, LUNA price is up by 0.61% in 24 hours with a trading volume of $24 Million. 

LUNA Past And Present Trend

Luna started 2023 with a slight price fluctuation leaving LUNA at $1.259. Then a slight bull run pushed the price to $2.12 on January 17, 2023. 

The collapse of Silvergate Bank and Kwon’s arrest caused a slow price decline. Notably, the price stayed between $1.5 and $1.7 on some days in March. Then LUNA encountered more dips but held on firmer. 

The bears tried to push the price below the support zone of $1.2 on March 10. But the bulls retaliated, and Luna surged to $1.4 on March 13. Luna closed the month with a slight fall to $1.28 

At the beginning of April, LUNA continued the low trend as the bears struggled to hold their position. The price ranged between $1.4 -$1.2 throughout April. 

Despite LUNA starting this month with its previous trend, there has been an increase of 21.51% in its trading volume. LUNA entered this month at $1.24. LUNA has lost some of the gains but is recording positive price moves today.

However, the increased trading volume signifies high trading activities on the network, which might see its price regain the lost gains.

LUNA Price Prediction Base On Technical Indicators


The chart shows that LUNAUSDT is currently in a bearish trend, trading below both the 50-day and 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA). This indicates a shift in investor sentiment and potential selling opportunities for traders.

The MACD line crossing below the signal confirms the bearish trend. Also, the MACD histogram confirms the bearish trend as it crosses below the zero line. This indicates that the momentum of the trend is shifting downwards.

The Relative Strength Index is another popular indicator that determines the price movement of an asset. Currently, the RSI indicator is 41.30; it suggests that the coin is neither overbought nor oversold and is trading in a neutral zone.

The neutral indicates that the coin selling and buying pressure are moderate, and the trend’s momentum does not favor any side.


LUNA trades between the outer band plotted at a distance of two standard deviations from the SMA. This indicates two possible outcomes:

  1. The coin is in a consolidation period: Traders may take a neutral stand and wait for a possible break out.
  2. A possible breakout signal: Traders may watch for a breakout to the upper band or lower as a potential signal to enter the long or short position.

Traders should use trading indicators as one of several tools and incorporate analysis and risk management in their decision-making.


resistance and support levels of Terra Classic (LUNC) for 2023.

Resistance 1: $1.6945

Resistance 2: $2.9381

Support 1: $1.2053

Support 2: $0.0039

According to the resistance and support in the chart above, if the bear increases momentum, it might break the primary support level of $1.2053. The next support will be at $0.0039

However, if the bulls dominate the trend, the price of Luna might surge and break the first resistance of $1.6945.

Expert LUNA Price Predictions

Below are different LUNA price predictions from experts. 

DigitalCoinPrice LUNA Prediction 

Regarding a long-term price prediction for Terra Coin, DigitalCoinPrice was more optimistic. The token might trade at an average price of $20.23 in 2030

Wallet Investors LUNA Prediction

Wallet Investor was negative when predicting the price of LUNA. By the middle of April 2024 year, the website predicted that the coin would only be worth $0.0552.

Changelly LUNA Price Prediction

Changelly predicts that the minimum cost of Terra will be $2.49. The maximum level that the LINA price can reach is $2.92. The average trading price might be around $2.56.

Factors Affecting LUNA’s Price

Strict Regulatory Control

Stringent regulatory standards for cryptocurrencies like LUNA could negatively impact market sentiment and result in price drops. 

Just like the case of SEC against Ripple Coin (XRP), which caused XRP’s price to decline, this same incident could affect LUNA and other cryptocurrencies in the market.

Macroeconomic Factors

Macroeconomic issues like unemployment, rising interest rates, and inflation frequently influence the prices of cryptocurrencies like LUNA. 

For instance, the US Fed’s hardline inflation announcements have a detrimental effect on the cryptocurrency market. This will also impact the cost of LUNA.

LUNA Alternatives

Below are some alternatives to LUNA with massive bullish potentials.

AiDoge (AI)

AiDoge is an emerging project that has garnered significant attention from traders looking for the best cryptos to buy. Many anticipate its explosive growth, akin to that of Turbo Token (TURBO).

AiDoge is currently at the presale stage, providing investors with an enticing investment opportunity. With the coin currently available at a low price, investors can purchase a higher quantity of tokens and potentially enjoy significant returns in the future. 

The presale comprises 20 stages, with 5% of tokens offered at each stage and the price rising incrementally each round. The project aims to raise funds for marketing and development through the presale, with 50% of AiDoge tokens available for purchase during this stage.

DeeLance (DLANCE)

DeeLance is a decentralized freelance platform that operates on the blockchain. It provides a secure and transparent platform for freelancers and clients to connect and conduct business without intermediaries or third-party fees.

DeeLance smart contracts power all transactions and activities in the ecosystem. This is to ensure the safety and automatic execution of transactions. Also, funds are secured on its platform until the work is completed.

DLANCE tokens are presently in their second presale stage and are available for purchase at $0.029. The price will increase to $0.033 by the following stage and list on exchanges at $0.055. The presale has already generated $587,755 in revenue, confirming the project’s potential. 

Early investors will benefit the most from these presale prices since the tokens might experience a significant surge in value after being listed on various exchanges.

DeeLance - New Web3 Coin Presale

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