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Love or Hate Andrew Tate? New Voting Crypto Rewards Users for Sharing Their Opinion – How Does it Work? (LHINU)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Love Hate Inu is a new meme coin project taking the survey industry by storm with its innovative concept. It unifies the potentials of Web3 and blockchain innovation to revolutionize how individuals share their opinion on different topics in a survey system.

Its Vote-to-Earn concept provides a fun and interactive way for users to express their opinion on preferred topics. As of today, March 24, 2023, Love Hate Inu is rewarding participants on the platform’s Love or Hate Andrew Tate poll. 

Unlike other meme coins in the market, Love Hate Inu is projecting a promising future with its innovative concept as it targets the voting/survey industry.

Overview of Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is one of the most recent meme coins additions and is a successful ongoing presale. Besides transforming the voting system, the project aims at ushering in a new utility era for meme coins.

Previously, these coins served as jokes. However, they’re now offering significant traction and attracting investors with their potential massive returns driven by Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

Love Hate Inu empowers individuals to participate actively in polls, surveys, and topics while rewarding them. The platform is developed on the robust blockchain network of Ethereum, which delivers uncompromisable results, legitimacy, transparency, and security for all community members.

This pioneering real-world project has attracted investors worldwide, raising over $1.38 million in some weeks of its token presales. 

The New Vote-to-Earn Platform (LHINU) – How It Works

Source: Twitter

The voting technology of Love Hate Inu is the first ever to emerge in the industry. It provides real-world utility within the voting system, adopts practical application, and facilitates accurate results recording. 

The platform helps gather members together, forming an online community and allowing them to participate in voting polls. Furthermore, it will enable them to share their love or hate opinions on trending topics.

At the center of this platform lies its innovative V2E system. For users to vote on the platform, they must stake their LHINU tokens for at least 30 days (minimum). Their voting authority depends on the duration and amount of their staked tokens. At last, they can vote hate or love on their preferred polls.

For instance, the ongoing Andrew Tate poll is the latest poll with many participants. Currently, 199 members voted to love Tate, while 1,278 others voted for hate, which records 1,477 votes. This means 1477 participants will receive rewards for staking their tokens and voting on the platform. 

Soon, the V2E developers will no longer control how polls appear on the ecosystem. Love Hate Inu’s platform plans to give users full control to manage polls via its poll submission platform. This will enable members to create or suggest polls on diverse trending topics, including commerce, societal affairs, governance, leisure, technology, and more.

Love Hate Inu’s Roadmap


Love Hate Inu has provided a futuristic roadmap that comprises its achievements and what it plans to accomplish in the future.

According to the platform’s roadmap, Love Hate Inu has yet to unleash more innovations. By Q2 of 2023, the platform will deliberate on developing the voting algorithm and platform signup. Also, there will be new voting demos, adoptions, partnerships, and exchange listings. 

The platform’s token staking ($LHINU) and brand-sponsored deals are other monetization avenues that Love Hate Inu’s ecosystem plans to establish. The launching of LHINU staking, the Management Dashboard, and the distribution of the First V2E Rewards will all take place in Q3 of 2023.

By Q4 of 2023, the community can create customized polls. There will be sponsored polls, brand partnerships, and brand-sponsored rewards mechanisms. By Q1 of 24 and beyond, Love Hate Inu will integrate its voting system into top metaverse experiences.

Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) Presale

Today, March 24, 2023, the $LHINU tokens are in their 2nd presale stage at $0.000090 and have raised over $1.5 million. The value will increase in the next presale stage and spike when it lists on different exchanges. 

Due to its value utility, early investors will make the most of investments as the token projects significant returns. You can become an early investor today when you swap your ETH, USDT, or BNB for $LHINU.


Love Hate Inu’s blockchain-driven ecosystem fosters members to share their opinions anonymously and freely. Brands, industries, celebrities, and many other sectors will be able to collect accurate surveys using this voting platform.

This Vote-2-Earn project rewards users for taking part in voting. Also, gifts, products, and merchandise from sponsored polls are another way the platform incentivizes its users. However, voters must stake some tokens and wait up to 30 days. 

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