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Love Hate Inu Meme Coin Live – $LHINU Holders in Profit – Next 10x Crypto?

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Love Hate Inu Meme Coin Live
Love Hate Inu Meme Coin Live

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A vote-to-earn meme coin project, Love Hate Inu, has experienced remarkable growth of 3,000% after its initial exchange launch on Huobi and OKX. Given the recent wave of meme currency frenzy, the launch of Love Hate Inu could not have arrived at a better time.

Love Hate Inu Brief Overview

Another high-potential meme currency, Love Hate Inu, already had one of the best crypto presales of the year, exceeding its hard cap of over $10 million in just eight weeks. Based on its early success, analysts expect Love Hate Inu will gain 20x more than its initial investment.

Love Hate Inu has created a cutting-edge Web3 idea that makes sure LHINU tokens will have a use and a use case in the years ahead, in contrast to other meme coins that offer little else outside its price potential. Vote-to-earn, a feature of the project, enables users to create and participate in serious and fun polls on any subject they choose in exchange for rewards.

The $3 billion online polling market will undergo a change due to this idea, which uses blockchain technology, as results won’t be susceptible to manipulation by spam bots. Users must stake their LHINU tokens for at least 30 days in order to vote in a Love Hate Inu poll, making the results secure and unchangeable.

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LHINU Successful Launch on OKX and Huobi

On Friday, May 19th, the vote-to-earn platform LHINU, which uses Web3 meme coins, was already listed on major centralized exchanges (CEX). LHINU is formally listed on the platforms of OKX and Huobi. The eagerly awaited coin was listed on the decentralized exchange (DEX), Uniswap, later that day.

The final stage of the presale offered LHINU tokens for $0.000145, but they quickly soared to $0.004715 on Huobi, representing a stunning 30x increase and a spectacular gain of 3,000%. Tokens are also available on OKX, where the token experienced over $3 million in trading in the first 30 minutes.

An innovator in technology, OKX is constructing the Web 3 of the future. OKX’s cryptocurrency exchange is the second largest internationally by trading volume and is renowned as the quickest and most dependable crypto trading platform for investors and experienced traders around.

Huobi, which is rated 15th by Coinmarketcap, welcomes 2 million visitors each week to its platform and achieves a 24-hour trading volume of $400 million. 

The full Love Hate Inu meme coin update in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Jacob Crypto Bury also runs Discord channel with nearly 13,000 members, where users get trading tips and learn about the forthcoming crypto presales.

Demo Polls Have Already Shown to be a Success

Love Hate Inu has already created a number of entertaining demo polls to demonstrate how the mechanism will function to the community. Meme depictions of contentious individuals have been created, as seen on the project’s website, with the images widely shareable and meme-worthy.

Thousands of people participated in the demo polls that were running during the presale period, with the project purposefully choosing polarizing issues to generate strong opinions and demand – which will ultimately draw more interest to it.

Project CEO Carl Dawkins, mentioned that a beta version of the voting system would go live soon after the listings debut in a Twitter Spaces Q&A last week. Love Hate Inu’s goal is not only to target individual users with meme-worth polls, but also to bring major worldwide brands, businesses, and non-profits on board. According to Dawkins:

“Love Hate Inu’s killer feature is vote-to-earn. None of the legacy platforms can compete with us on that. Because of that, we are already seeing a lot of interest from brands looking at what we are doing.

You may have spotted that we are teaming up with SPONGE, where we are taking part in their airdrop, and Web3 games platform Tamadoge that I was previously involved with – but we are also working with Web2 firms interested in using our service.

Our platform dashboard development is progressing well. We are even looking at the possibility of getting a basic version of the platform ready at launch, with some votes on there. OKX is the first of many more exchange listings. Love Hate Inu really could be the next Shiba Inu, so hold onto your hats as we rocket to the moon.”

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