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Limit Break has Raised over $200 Million – But Tamadoge will Grow Quicker

Limit Break has Raised over 200 million
Limit Break has Raised over 200 million

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If you’ve been tired of hearing about the sordid tales of corruption and rug pulls within the crypto market, we have great news for you today. Mobile gaming firm Limit Break has raised over $200 million for an MMO game that brings NFTs into a Play2Earn ecosystem.

But we still believe that Tamadoge has the potential to get to the market and grow quickly – here’s why?

Limit Break has been backed by Venture Capitalists – But Tamadoge is Pretty much Crowd-Funded

Massively Multiplayer Online games have always had the potential to make the metaverse cryptos more reasonable and more powerful. But it has been ignored for the longest time. While many crypto projects are trying to land NFTs in the MMO arena, they haven’t received much in the way of success.

Limit Break is different. It is trying to change the old “free-to-play” gaming niche by integrating NFTs. Why is that significant?

If you’ve been a mobile gamer for a long time, you know that these free-to-play games have a play-to-win scenario going for them. A recent example is Diablo Immortal, a game that has irked many players because the pay-to-win whales have access to bigger loot, better gems, and greater power. But with NFTs, it will get different.

The concept of winning will become more pronounced than getting some shallow trophy after killing a raid boss. You’d actually be able to make real profits – transforming pay-to-win to play-to-earn.

In this venture, Limit Break has acquired funding from the likes of Mino Games, Paradigm, and Standard Group. In its official post on Twitter, Limit Break also said Coinbase, Positive Sum, and FTX.

But it seems like the Play-to-Earn concept is not enough for Limit break developers. They want their gaming ecosystems “free-to-own” – allowing the players to mint genesis tokens “free of cost”.

Getting the Genesis NFTs will give players airdrops and other goodies.

The promises of Limit Break are big – and the fact that the recent funding has come in the bear market – is bigger. It is a time when most are reevaluating their stance on crypto, and seeing this bullishness gives us big relief.

However, Tamadoge has the potential to get to the market quicker.

Tamadoge is Likely to Gain a Bigger Market – Here is why

While Limit Break has many positives going for it, and its stance towards “free-to-own” is admirable, big players of cryptos are still funding it. Not that there is something bad about it, but the absence of real players from this equation is something to note.

Buy Tamadoge

Just look at Tamadoge. This Doge-based memecoin landed in the market as presale crypto in the middle of July. It didn’t have the backing of venture capitalists. What it had was good marketing, the attention of the crowd with its doge-based aesthetics, and a gameplay ecosystem that goes beyond you looking at the screen all day.

Tamadoge is a P2E game where you can own Tamadoge Pets, NFTs that you can feed, pet, raise and breed until they grow. You can then put them to battle in an Augmented Reality based P2E environment and win Dogepoints based on skills.

And another reason why we believe that Tamadoge has the potential to grow faster is its presale success. It is merely $1k away from reaching the 7th phase of its presale and has raised upwards of $10.4 million since its presale. These crowd funds are actual players who are looking forward to what Tamadoge has got in store.

While Tamadoge might not have raised a behemoth funding of $200 million, people are always looking forward to it – so it does have a bigger market.

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Speaking of a bigger market, another big news this week. Mt Gox has finally announced when the Bitcoin payouts will begin. If you’re one of the OG bitcoin investors who has been waiting to get back your crypto from this now-defunct crypto exchange, better start filing the claiming form here

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