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Lessons Learned on the Roadshow – Attracting Investors: 4 Types of Asian Tigers

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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China attracts businessmen and women from around the world with tremendous growth potential. However, this market requires scrutiny. Sharing their experiences from their recent roadshow, Storiqa’s co-founders explain what to expect from the Asian market’s investors and look forward to collaborating with partners from all over the world to grow and develop e-commerce.

Storiqa launched its token sale on November 28, 2017. The company is developing a marketplace on a scale similar to that of Amazon but with different outstanding features. During the token sale, several major Chinese investment and development companies expressed interest in Storiqa’s business and plans to make a difference in e-Commerce. It was this rush of interest that prompted Storiqa’s Asian roadshow in order to establish strategic partnerships.

The roadshow itinerary included 6 destinations which were specifically chosen due to their high business potential: Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong. This hectic schedule included as many as 5 to 11 meetings per day with very little sleep in between. During the roadshow, Storiqa met with several types of individuals and businesses who were interested in their business model.

Private Investors

Usually individuals, these investors are the most concerned with how quickly they will receive a return on their investment (ROI). The most commonly heard question from private investors is “When will I get my money back plus a percentage?” In addition, they expect guarantees that their money is safe and that you do not find yourself after token sale somewhere on Galapagos Islands, skipping off into the sunset with investors’ funds.

One important thing to remember with this type of investor is the old proverb about not judging a book by its cover. You often meet millionaire investors who don’t fit the typical corporate investor mold.

Conclusion: Be sure to prepare detailed information about expected ROI ahead of time and keep your company’s one-pager and white paper on hand. Be ready to explain what blockchain is as well as any other peculiarities of your company. These investors may have money, but they often lack the technical expertise to fully understand your project. Be prepared to explain it to them briefly and without a lot of “techno-babble”.

Expected sum to invest: $3 – 5 million

Storiqa Private Investors

The Storiqa Team with the famous husband and wife private investors known as “The Blockchain Couple.”

Crowdfunding Platforms

“Welcome Storiqa” – greeting from one crowdfunding platform. Such meetings always tend to attract all of the platform’s top management members. Generally speaking, they are already familiar with the peculiarities of investing and blockchain and require minimal additional explanation. The big hurdle here is the legal and regulatory landscape. The Chinese market still has not learned how to invest in cryptocurrency from a legal standpoint.

Conclusion: Be sure to consult with an attorney in advance about the legality and regulatory requirements of ICOs in the region in which you are soliciting investors.

Expected sum to invest: $1.5 – 2 million

Storiqa Crowdfunding

Storiqa co-founder Evgeniy Gavrilin with top managers from one of China’s crowdfunding platforms.

Public-Private Companies

Chinese PPCs are generally closer to being state-run entities and, as such, are pretty far removed from blockchain technology. As a result, it is necessary to take the same approach with a PPC as with a private investor. Be prepared to explain everything.

Conclusion: PPCs can help you with establishing relationships with government institutions to some extent but there is little chance of getting investors.

Storiqa Private-Public Companies

Every meeting in China is accompanied by a small tea ceremony.

Potential Partners

China is full of blockchain companies that have enough experience in the local industry and are familiar with the differences in local consumer and industry segments. They are highly motivated to cross borders with Chinese technologies and to further advance the blockchain industry. Storiqa has attracted a few advisors who have vast experience in VC, among them Alan Wong who garnered significant experience in business development at Huawei Devices.

Conclusion: if you need to leverage resources you can easily find potential partners not only in blockchain but also in other spheres.

What’s Next for Storiqa?

Storiqa is very close to reaching its $25 million hard cap.  As of this writing, they have already raised more than $23.3 million through their token sale, which is still ongoing and will continue until February 13, 2018. During this time, investors can receive up to a 6% bonus on their STQ purchases.

For more information about Storiqa, please visit and download the project whitepaper.

Did you meet Storiqa during their Asian Roadshow? Do you find their insights into the Chinese market to be accurate? Let us know in the comments below.

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