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Learn-to-Earn Crypto Presale Nears $2 Million, Poised for Strong Launch

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Learn To Earn Crypto Presale Nears $2 Million, Poised For Strong Launch
Learn To Earn Crypto Presale Nears $2 Million, Poised For Strong Launch

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A highly anticipated cryptocurrency project, 99Bitcoins, is currently in its presale phase. Their established influence in the crypto space makes this launch particularly intriguing.

They boast a massive YouTube channel with over 706,000 subscribers, a strong indicator of their reach. Adding to the excitement, their new coin revolves around educating new crypto users, a concept with significant potential to attract new investors.

99Bitcoins levels up crypto education with $99BTC token

The 99Bitcoins platform has introduced a utility token (99BTC) designed to incentivize user engagement through a Learn-to-Earn model.

This initiative allows participants to acquire cryptocurrency knowledge by completing educational courses and quizzes, with the opportunity to earn $99BTC tokens upon successful completion. The total supply of $99BTC tokens is capped at 99 billion, and the project has already secured over $1.9 million during its presale phase.

This token serves a dual purpose: it functions as an access token for premium content and exclusive benefits while also rewarding users for their participation in the learning modules.

The project leverages the established reputation of the 99Bitcoins platform, which boasts a substantial community base exceeding 700k subscribers on their YouTube channel and an additional 2.8 million users subscribed to their email list.

This extensive reach creates significant potential for user acquisition once the presale concludes and broader marketing initiatives commence. Furthermore, the project showcases its commitment to education by offering a comprehensive library of over 79 hours of cryptocurrency courses.

This focus on knowledge dissemination aligns with the project’s overall mission to empower users within the cryptocurrency space. Fueled by positive reception from leading cryptocurrency publications like Coindesk, The Cryptonomist, and Cointelegraph, the project’s potential for future success is bolstered.

The ongoing presale offers an opportunity for early investor participation in this groundbreaking Learn-to-Earn initiative. Backed by industry leaders and boasting a unique value proposition, the 99Bitcoins presale presents a compelling entry point for investors seeking to capitalize on the Learn-to-Earn revolution.

You can explore the potential future of 99Bitcoins through our 99Bitcoins price prediction.

99Bitcoins gears up for Learn-to-Earn market dominance

Operating as an ERC-20 token, $99BTC is accepted as payment in ETH, BNB, USDT, and credit card on the presale platform. Alternatively, potential investors can access our detailed guide for purchasing 99Bitcoins tokens. Following the presale’s conclusion, investors are eligible to receive their tokens.

This initial offering sets the stage for a well-defined tokenomics model, which allocates the total supply (99 billion) across various functionalities. Notably, 10% is reserved for the presale, offering early investor participation.

Staking opportunities are available with a 14% allocation, promising high returns (currently exceeding 800% APY). Project development is ensured by a 23% allocation designated for project funds.

Marketing receives a significant focus, with 23% of the token supply dedicated to expanding the project’s reach and user base. Additionally, 17% is allocated to incentivize community engagement, while an 8% liquidity pool guarantees smooth trading activity.

Finally, the team and advisors are compensated for their contributions through a 5% allocation. With no comparable Learn-to-Earn projects currently in the market, 99Bitcoins stands out for its innovative approach, promising substantial growth potential in the upcoming bull market for altcoins.

Security is a paramount consideration, and the project has undergone a comprehensive audit, ensuring transparency and reliability. As they progress through their roadmap, which includes staking functionality and platform development, 99Bitcoins demonstrates robust planning and execution.

Moreover, their substantial financial backing and community incentives underscore confidence in the project’s future success. To participate in the $99BTC token presale, visit


As 99Bitcoins gears up for launch, excitement among investors and industry experts is surging. Its unique Learn-to-Earn model, coupled with robust tokenomics and a passionate community, positions it as a strong contender, breaking new ground in the cryptocurrency space.

For investors interested in the presale or seeking more information about $99BTC, visit the 99Bitcoins website.

With anticipation at fever pitch and early adoption opportunities available, now is the prime time to get involved with this groundbreaking crypto project. For those seeking the top altcoin investment opportunities in 2024, explore our comprehensive guide featuring the most noteworthy choices.


99Bitcoins (99BTC) - New Learn To Earn Token


  • Audited By Solid Proof
  • Established Brand - Founded In 2013
  • Free Airdrop - Win A Share Of $99,999
  • Learn To Earn - Get Paid To Complete Trading Courses
  • 700,000+ YouTube Community

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