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Kleiman Estate Capitalize on Wright’s Fresh Accusation to Push for Sanctions 

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Craig Wright in Catch-22 situation, Denies Transferring Satoshi Coins
Craig Wright in Catch-22 situation, Denies Transferring Satoshi Coins

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The problems are mounting for nChain chief scientist and infamous Bitcoin SV proponent Craig Wright. In what has now become perhaps the longest-running legal case in the crypto space, new evidence has surfaced to give credence to fabrication claims that were made against Wright.

The Problems Continue to Grow

The Kleiman estate lawyers filed a notice arguing that recent evidence that was revealed this week further proves that Wright lied about his control of hundreds of cryptocurrency wallet addresses. The evidence further implicated Wright in a string of lies, leading many to believe that the case could be sealed soon.

Wright has been battling with the family of David Kleiman, his deceased former partner, for years now. The Kleiman estate- represented by David’s older brother, Ira – accused him of stealing billions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies from them, although he has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

The addresses themselves belong in the Tulip Trust, a cryptocurrency fund that holds millions in Bitcoin. Wright claims to hold the private keys to them all, although he explains that they’re locked in somewhere he can’t presently access.

The Tulip Fund itself has been a sticking point in the entire case. The presiding judge has ordered Wright to provide the private keys for the wallets since last year, but he has since failed to do so. All the while, he has maintained that he controls the fund and all the assets therein.

However, his claims suffered a severe credibility blow as hundreds of wallet addresses signed a message disavowing him earlier this week. The message was published on Monday by 145 anonymous addresses, with their signatures.

“Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud. He doesn’t have the keys used to sign this message. The Lightning Network is a significant achievement. However, we need to continue work on improving on-chain capacity,” the message read in part.

Wright Lied and Should be Sanctioned

News sources have also verified that the addresses belong to the list that Wright claims to own and control. Given that Wright himself has failed to produce the private keys to the Tulip Trust for over a year now, many have doubted his ownership and the veracity of his claims. Monday’s message highlighted this even more.

The Kleiman estate’s lawyers immediately seized on the opportunity, signing a notice of supplementary evidence to support their motion for sanctions against the computer scientist. The lawyers explain that the evidence proves that the “CSW Filed List” is not a list of Wright’s Bitcoin public addresses, and is no more than a fabrication.

“This message further proves that the list is not an accurate listing of Wright’s bitcoin, and that he is still hiding the true list from Plaintiffs and the Court,” the filing stated.

Considering that Wright has lied on several occasions, there’s cause to believe that he has misled the court concerning the Tulip Trust all along.

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