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Vodafone Teams Up with Energy Web in New Renewable Energy Project

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Vodafone, the global telecommunications giant, has recently teamed up with Energy Web (EW), a blockchain startup. Together, they seek to enact a bold plan to connect assets generating energy across the grid.

Striving For Decentralized Renewable Power

Vodafone Business will serve as the leader of this new environment, which will serve as connections for an internet of things (IoT) network. Globally speaking, this constitutes more than 100 million connections and will create a secure source of identification of energy assets all across the globe.

Through a recent announcement, it was revealed that this collaboration would serve to try and improve and connect the integration of distributed and renewable energy assets to the world at large. This includes the use of heat pumps, wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries within power grids, doing it through secure use of IoT connectivity and blockchain technology.

Taking And Adapting Similar Concepts

To put it simply, the process of connectivity must follow a set of principles that telecom operators follow to securely identify phones through the use of SIM cards.  Should this same relationship be utilized, it is perfectly suited to enable players and entities within the energy grid to recognize the distributed energy assets connected within said grid.

This new “Smart Grid” will allow for opportunities to identify and subsequently validate assets doing distributed generation, and is of critical importance to such a network’s stability.

A Brave New Era

This strategic partnership between Vodafone and Energy Web stands as the blockchain startup’s first team-up with a heavyweight of the telecom sector. Among the plans in this partnership stands an idea that would enable EW an opportunity to use global footprints and technological capabilities in order to accelerate its mission in decarbonizing the world’s energy grid.

Erik Brenneis stands as the Director of  Vodafone Business IoT and gave a short public statement about the matter at large. He explained that the number of low-carbon, decentralized, new-generation devices has been growing as the years went on. As a result, however, the need for them to be securely connected to the grid, irrespective of location, became all the more paramount, as well.

Brenneis stated that his company is convinced that connectivity and technology will allow for it to be used to aid the planet, as well as improve the lives of its people. As such, Brenneis stated that Vodafone Business IOT is proud to be working alongside Energy Web.

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