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Keanu has Change Of heart About NFTs

Keenu Reeves has a change of heart about NFT
Keenu Reeves has a change of heart about NFT

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When it comes to NFT, Keanu has had a change of heart as he appears to have changed his mind on NFTs. When Alex Heath quizzed the actor in December on the concept of digital scarcity and collectibles, the actor burst out laughing. Digital goods can be simply re-created, according to Reeves.

Keanu Reeves Working with an NFT Project

Since joining Non-Fungible Labs, he has served as an adviser for a program called “Futureverse Foundation”, which seeks to better the digital and physical worlds through fostering diversity in the arts and creative industries. Traditional artists will be introduced to NFTs and given cash, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As you might expect, Reeves’ spouse Alexandra Grant is also an accomplished artist whose work has been shown in several shows. Her involvement in Non-Fungible Labs’ announcement and explanation of the effort is well documented in a film published by the foundation, in which she plays a prominent role as a key advisor.

Using NFTs to draw artists into a new potential economy is discussed in Grant’s interview. Establishing an open, rich and diverse environment is exactly what the Futureverse Foundation’s website states its goal is.

Nana Oforiatta Ayim was given $100,000 to arrange Ghana’s display at an international art event in Venice by the foundation’s inaugural philanthropic award, which seemed to focus on the real world rather than the Metaverse.

According to a news release, Grant called it one of the most fascinating projects that he’s worked on and says he hopes to dream up a new paradigm for arts philanthropy in the future.

Reeves’s comment, on the other hand, is thrilled to be working with Alexandra Grant and Non-Fungible Labs and being part of the Futureverse Foundation’s outstanding program to help artists and innovators throughout the world.

Still, working with an NFT project as an adviser for a nonprofit organization that specifically tries to bring artists into the Metaverse is a far cry from scoffing at the concept that NFTs may be of value in the first place.

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