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Justin Sun Manages To Sit Down For Warren Buffet Dinner

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Justin Sun Makes a Critical Error with His Pornhub Hype Train 1
Justin Sun Makes a Critical Error with His Pornhub Hype Train 1

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Justin Sun, a Chinese crypto entrepreneur, has been rather well known throughout the cryptoverse due to his many, many activities, though very few are put in a good light. The entrepreneur has recently gotten to sit down with the legendary investor, Warren Buffet, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. The first dinner, scheduled for last year, had to be postponed for kidney stone issues.

Gaining Priceless Insights

Sun had won the chance for this dinner by bidding a record amount of $4.57 million during a charity auction that happened last June. Sun had to publicly apologize to the public for the delay, thanks to his regular habits of overhyping everything he does. A meeting with one of the richest men in the world is something Sun hyped immensely, just to disappoint in the end.

After the dinner, Sun thanked Buffet for the meal, of course, but also for the vision and wisdom he provided. Sun explained that he had spent $4.56 million to get a $515.05 dinner, and he deemed it money well spent. The reason given is that Buffet gave him priceless insights.

A Slight Delay

The charity lunch that Buffet had hosted was initially scheduled to happen back on the 25th of July, 2019, with Sun expressing his intent to invite leaders of the blockchain industry as well. Sun hoped that the invitations would benefit everyone.

Finally, on the 23rd of January at the Happy Hollow Club situated in Omaha, Nebraska, Sun, and the four other Crypto advocates managed to meet Buffet. Sun’s guests were heavyweights in the crypto industry. The first was Helen Hai, the head of the Binance Charity Foundation. Chris Lee was next, being the SCFO, Vice President of international business development, as well as Board Secretary at the China-based Huobi exchange. Yoni Assia was present as well and is both the founder and CEO of the eToro multi-asset social trading brokerage. Lastly, Charlie Lee was present as well, being the creator of the Litecoin cryptocurrency network.

Gifting Bitcoin

Sun took the dinner a step further, showering Buffet with a few gifts. Sun gave Buffet a traditional Chinese paper cutting that represented a mouse, a Bronze Horse, and none other than a Galaxy Fold phone that had a single Bitcoin saved on its system.

Love him or, more likely, hate him, Justin Sun has gone many rounds of many scandals throughout the crypto industry. If nothing else, one should respect his staying power and the ability to withstand the consequences of his own controversial actions.

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