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Justin Sun Announces another USDT-Tron Giveaway on OKEx

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Weekly Report Reveals Steady Growth Of Tron’s Network
Weekly Report Reveals Steady Growth Of Tron’s Network

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Hot on the heels of the USDT-Tron giveaway that happened on Poloniex, Tron is doing it again OKEx. This new giveaway will allow users to win over two million in TRX20-based USDT tokens. This news was given through Justin Sun’s twitter page.

Justin Sun, founder and CEO of the Tron Foundation, has recently announced yet another giveaway of the Tron-based USDT tokens. Instead of the last one, based on Poloniex, this new one will be done with the help of the OKEx team.

The Way It Works

The way the new giveaway works is quite similar to Justin Sun’s previous publicity stunt. Participants are asked to deposit their TRX and gain a 33% annualized interest rate (APR) as well as a price of 2 million in TRX. Whether or not that is what it says on the tin is up for debate. Justin Sun has already proven to play fast and loose with the facts.

The new campaign is split into three rounds, with users gaining the APR bonus during each of the three rounds.

A Similar Stunt

Justin Sun is quite infamous for overhyping everything to do with something he can make money out of. It’s not that surprising that he has already done this with the help of a previous team, Poloniex.

Poloniex’s stunt was to celebrate the exchange adding TRX to its roster. It took place just a while back, from the 11th to the 18th of November. Participants had to deposit TRX on the Poloniex exchange in order possibly to win 25 000 TRX tokens. The APR was kicked up as well, clocking in anywhere from 20% to 60%. As the giveaway closed, Sun was quick to jump on another hype train to promote his tokens.

justin sun

Justin Sun is also in the works of adding yet another acquisition to the Tron network’s roster. Sun is well known for his aggressive tactics when it comes to spreading his tokens out as far as he could possibly think of. More often than not, he acquires a company, tokenizes the company, then pushes it out to the world as a possible means to make money.

Troubling Times

Sun has gained quite a reputation due to his overly aggressive marketing strategies and his less-than-pristine mannerisms. Sun isn’t afraid to bend truths or omit facts that make his own Tron network seem more desirable than what it should actually be. It’s gotten him in some trouble recently where he mistook the needs of an adult website and promptly made a fool of himself.

Sun also has an ongoing rumor where he is under investigation for fraud charges in China. Of course, the man denies this, but anyone would in his position. The problem is Sun’s reputation is dubious already, making it hard to gauge what can be believed and what can’t. This investigation is blamed for why he had to skip dinner with billionaire investor Warren Buffet instead of the official reason being blamed on kidney stones.

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