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John McAfee Defects To Altcoin, Slanders Bitcoin Like A Sailor

The Brain Behind Bitcoin Is Very Much Alive; John McAfee Drops Shocking Revelations
The Brain Behind Bitcoin Is Very Much Alive; John McAfee Drops Shocking Revelations

John McAfee is quite the persona to simply observe. The man has done a great many things that hold a significant lack of sense or forethought, but in the cryptoverse, he holds a unique title: The Bullish Man On Earth.

Doubling Down On Opposites

Of all the most outrageous claims to ever have been made regarding the world’s first cryptocurrency, McAfee was the one that won them all: Predicting that BTC would reach $1 million in value by 2019. Furthermore, the man bet his own manhood in this prediction, saying he would eat his own penis if it didn’t work out.

Sadly, he didn’t follow through on that. He spun it out into some excuse that it was a publicity stunt. Now, though, it seems that McAfee has a new fad to keep himself busy with: Denouncing Bitcoin as “the true shitcoin” and pushing for other forms of crypto, or altcoins.

Amongst all these jarring transitions of sides, the man is running for the US presidency, as well.

This world is truly a magnificent one.

McAfee: Bitcoin Is (Suddenly) Doomed to Fail

Through recent twitter posts, Mcafee praised the so-called Bitcoin maximalists for inventing the word “shitcoin” but warned that they were using it for the wrong crypto forms.

Instead of using it to refer to all the other crypto forms, as the tribalistic maximalists are keen to do, McAfee claims that Bitcoin is the only thing deserving of the title. He doubled down, calling Bitcoin clunky and old, and pointing out that Bitcoin doesn’t hold dApps or smart contracts.

No words need to be said about the reaction of the public, but it’s highly encouraged to pursue that twitter post personally. The wit and relevance of a few posts are rather exceptional, but there comes the question as to why McAfee did a complete 180 like this.

Natural Paths Of Evolution

There is an argument made that Bitcoin is becoming obsolete, but the case is only half-true. Bitcoin is continuously evolving on its own and serves a niche that is always served. The issue was never Bitcoin going out of date; it was new niches being discovered. These new niches needed something other than Bitcoin to fill the need, so other forms of crypto start to rise. There is a lot of overlap, but Bitcoin has behaved the same way since the inception, and Bitcoin isn’t leaving any time soon. For now, it’s recommended to sit back and have some popcorn before going through the comment section of this twitter post.

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