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Joe Rogan Endorses Brave and Duck Duck Go, as Internet Privacy Issues Linger

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The crypto space needs all the help it can get to grow and expand. Thus, any form of celebrity endorsement, no matter how abstract, appears to be a win. The latest in those abstract endorsements is from Joe Rogan, the famous comedian and podcast host.

Tired of Location Tracking and Pesky Ads

In a recent episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan and guest host Reggie Watts discussed on the never-ending issue of internet privacy. For about half an hour, the two spoke on Internet tracking, ads, and privacy intrusions on apps.

Rogan explained at a point that most large social media platforms and search engines are actively tracking their users and selling data. Both traded experiences with some top online platforms, and they also pointed out Google’s recent $5 billion lawsuits over tracking and surveillance violations.

As for how he gets by, Watts explained that he had moved to the Brave browser. The comic explained that he had found Brave’s ad-obstruction service helpful, as it ensures that he can surf the net without getting tracked or dealing with pesky ads.

Rogan corroborated Watts’ point, adding that he had been browsing on Brave and Duck Duck Go. Watts explained that while Duck Duck Go was a reliable browser for anyone looking to achieve anonymity, he preferred Brave because the latter has a superior search engine.

Brave’s Great Week

The endorsement comes as browsers like Brave continue to show their most significant advantage over larger browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari. Most of these browsers have affiliations with big tech companies, and the latter’s past with privacy indiscretions will always find a way to haunt them.

Chrome and Safari control a large share of the global browser market. Data from Statista shows that Chrome has 63 percent of the worldwide browser market. Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Samsung Internet, and the UC Browser round out the top 5, with 17.6, 4.3, 3.4, and 1.7 percent, respectively.

However, Brave has been on an especially impressive growth trajectory recently as well. While Rogan and Watts didn’t say when they started using the browser, its numbers for this year have been quite remarkable.

Recently, the browser provided statistics showing that it now has 15 million active users per month, with 5 million active users daily. For reference, reports confirmed that the browser clocked 13.5 million monthly active users and 4.3 million daily active users back in March. With 1.5 million new monthly active users in April and May, Brave’s promise of freedom on the Internet appears to be catching on.

Brave Ads, the browser’s ad program, also appears to be growing at a healthy pace. As the company’s latest statistics show, the program has seen more ad campaigns signing up.  Several large brands, including Chipotle Mexican grills, PayPal, and Verizon, now list ads using Brave Ads. 

The growth shows that when given a choice and a little remuneration, users actually won’t be so opposed to viewing company ads. Perhaps there’s a lesson or two there for other browsers.

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