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Joe Rogan Crypto Token Pumps 20,000% But DEXTools Displays Scam Warnings for $ROGAN

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Joe Rogan Crypto Token Pumps 20,000% But DEXTools Displays Scam Warnings for $ROGAN (2)
Joe Rogan Crypto Token Pumps 20,000% But DEXTools Displays Scam Warnings for $ROGAN (2)

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Data shows a new cryptocurrency called Joe Rogan (ROGAN) recently saw a massive pump that took its price up by 20,000%. However, the cryptocurrency may be a scam, as DEXTools displayed scam warning for this young crypto.

ROGAN_USD -UNI -DEXTools.io_2023-07-04_15-40-13

DEXTools’ platform has pointed out that ROGAN/WETH pair has very low reputation, with over 97.4% of users being extremely distrustful of it.

What is Joe Rogan (ROGAN)?

Joe Rogan (ROGAN) is a cryptocurrency named after Joseph James Rogan, an American UFC commentator, podcaster, comedian, actor, and former TV presenter.

Rogan is known for hosting a podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience, with over 2,000 episodes as of July 4th, 2023.

The Joe Rogan (ROGAN) token claims to be a community-based deflationary token with charity initiatives. However, its website is unavailable at the time of writing, and DEXTools have blacklisted the token itself.

Joe Rogan (ROGAN) 2

The token saw a massive price surge in the last 24 hours, with its price going from essentially $0 to $0.00001381 in mere hours. Ever since reaching this level, the token remained at this price with minimal volatility.

Is $ROGAN a Legitimate Project?

The token’s price skyrocketed quickly after the ROGAN/WETH pair appeared on Uniswap, making it the latest meme coin to blow up.

It should be noted that the token likely has no real association with actual Joe Rogan, apart from using its name to attract investors. According to DEXTools’ experts and investors who voiced their opinion on the token, this is very likely a rug-pull.

At the same time, its chart currently only shows the token going up or trading sideways without any notable losses so far.

Even so, many are hesitant to invest in it. The Joe Rogan Coin seemingly came from nowhere, with no obvious community and no known team members. Its website is down and only has a presence on some social platforms, like Instagram. Even there, it only has 25 followers.

As a result, it is very likely that the token will see a price dive sooner rather than later.

Interestingly, the project has 4,673 followers on Twitter at the time of writing.

However, judging by the plethora of over-supportive and similar-looking comments, these are likely all fake, bot accounts purchased to endorse the fraudulent cryptocurrency.

Some are already suspecting that ROGAN’s issuer expected to make waves, pump the token on their own, and eventually disappear with whatever money they manage to collect from investors who take the bait.

A rising price like the one seen on DEXTools always tends to attract at least a few investors who are willing to risk everything on the off chance that an extremely suspicious token is just misunderstood.

The token’s volume in the last 24h climbed up to $98.09k, and since the price increase, its total market cap went up to $1.38 million. According to DEXTools, the token has 230 holders, with a total of 302 transactions at the time of writing.

Launchpad XYZ Emerges as a Better Alternative with Over $1m Raised

While the crypto industry is seeing another massive wave of meme coins, some investors are turning to projects with greater utilities. One example is Launchpad XYZ (LPX) — a new project that is currently in the middle of a presale.

Launchpad XYZ provides the tools developers need to succeed in Web3, from insights and learning through trading alpha, strategy, and analytics. The idea is to make Web3 more human-friendly and simplify the complex next version of the internet.

So far, the project’s presale has been quite successful, raising over $1.08 million. As of July 4th, each LPX token is available at a price of $0.0445 per unit. The project is aiming at raising $1.55m before its next price increase, which will take its value to $0.046. Several more phases will lead up to the listing price of $0.0565.

The token can be purchased using ETH, BNB, USDT, or card payments.

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