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Jackson Palmer calls out Mark Cuban for scamming investors

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Jackson Palmer calls out Mark Cuban for scamming investors
Jackson Palmer calls out Mark Cuban for scamming investors

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Jackson Palmer, co-creator of Dogecoin, has returned with hateful language for the cryptocurrency industry, public, and marketers. He’s targeting Mark Cuban this time. The Adobe technician accused the entrepreneur of deception by attempting to obtain a personal interest in the industrial, gritty cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Palmer told Business Insider that he believes Cuban has been duped into believing in digital money and NFTs. He clarified that Mark Cuban is not compensated as a famous person to advertise this. He had also been brainwashed into thinking these items were in the right direction.

Palmer has been one of two developers behind Dogecoin, a leading virtual currency that has gained prominence among the community and Elon Musk’s vocal support.

Paradoxically, he and founder Billy Markus created the cryptocurrency to mock the theoretical illogic that pervades crypto ventures. While Markus has nonetheless received the virtual currency public by adopting a more promising outlook toward the universe, Palmer has been openly hostile to it for ages.

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Palmer created the cryptocurrency’s emblem by mistyping the term doge to interpret a Shiba Inu, which was prevalent back then. Dogecoin achieved a cult following at the beginning of 2021 on the Reddit WallStreetBets chat forum, the primary orchestrator behind the infamous GameStop incident last January, where fans pledged to push its worth forever.

Palmer stated that when cryptocurrency first appeared in 2013, or even in 2008, a fraction of it came as a reaction to Wall Street or the overall capitalist framework. Ever since, the originator has known immediately that the most potent voices in digital money merely wanted to develop a new predatory system to get to the top.

Palmer’s group also contains Chris Dixon and Marc Andreesen, and Cuban. The multimillionaire and venture capitalist are both part owners at Andreesen Horowitz, a company among the most active venture capitalists in the cryptocurrency industry. Intriguingly, Block Head’s Jack Dorsey had also made similar claims about Marc Andreesen becoming involved in a swindle.

They fire back

Palmer’s declarations, according to Cuban, were nothing new. He said this certainly sounds like something he’s heard about in any technological advances he’s worked on.

Palmer leveled similar charges against Elon Musk last May, asserting he was just a swindler to damage Twitter. He furthermore alleged that Musk is unable to operate essential software.

Musk responded to Palmer’s remarks the next day, labeling the founder a device with the coding knowledge of a kid. The multimillionaire, on the other hand, gets along well with Markus. They both frequently share memes on Twitter.

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