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Investing in Impact: Chimpzee’s Dual Promise of Passive Earnings and Conservation


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The Chimpzee presale continues to make waves in the market as investors rush to invest in an impact that makes a difference to the world.

Chimpzee has a dual promise of passive earnings and conservation efforts through its intuitive ecosystem.

The project intends to revolutionize how we donate to charity and has already made a handful of considerable contributions to charitable organizations – all verifiable on the blockchain.

The presale recently moved into its eleventh stage as it quickly approaches its conclusion. Once launched, experts predict a 10x return for early adopters alongside the ecosystem’s passive income.

Investing in Impact: CHMPZ Raises $1.3 Million.


The entire goal behind the Chimpzee project is to provide three methods for people to earn a passive income while simultaneously contributing to the world by saving animals and protecting rainforests.

The project wants to raise awareness and provide financial contributions to organizations helping these causes, proving that the Web3 sector can be used for more than just mindless meme coin projects.

Chimpzee is one of the only Web3 projects already making a real-world impact – even with it still being in the presale stages.

With global land and ocean temperatures consistently rising each decade, nature and the environment cannot wait. Chimpzee is taking the steps to take the immediate action required to address the current state of endangered animals and deforestation.

The presale has already raised a total of $1.3 million as investors flock to this passive income project that has the potential to provide 10x returns while raising money for charity.

Passive Income Through Three Avenues

Chimpzee knows that one of the best ways to raise funds for charity is through incentivized passive income.

Therefore, it’s created an ecosystem of three interconnected pillars that help people earn a passive income while raising funds to donate to charity.

These pillars include;

  • The Chimp Store – shop-to-earn
  • The NFT Marketplace – trade-to-earn
  • Zero Tolerance Game – play-to-earn

The Chimp Store is the central commerce sector for the overall ecosystem, and it allows users to spend on goods and commodities that are unique to the store while earning $CHMPZ tokens as a reward.

Purchases from the Chimp Store demonstrate support for the battle against climate change, and a percentage of all the profits go to charity.

The NFT Marketplace allows users to buy environmentally-focused NFTs. The marketplace is unique because it’s one of the first marketplaces to share a portion of the trading fee profits with everyone on the platform.

Finally, the Zero Tolerance Game forms the entertainment component of the ecosystem, allowing users to earn $CHMPZ rewards for hitting certain milestones in the game.

Tying all of these components together are the Chimpzee NFT Passports.

Those looking to earn the maximum passive income from the ecosystem must own one of the Chimpzee NFT Passports.

The NFT Passports will be made available after the presale, and those investing in the presale will all be whitelisted to buy and mint one.

$CHMPZ tokens will be used to purchase the passports, which will be burned to reduce the $CHMPZ token supply.

There are three separate tiers of the NFT Passport: Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze – all providing varying rewards.

For example, some of the rewards include;

  • Up to 20% APY for staking
  • Earning tokens when buying merchandise
  • A larger share of NFT Marketplace trading fees
  • Additional rewards in the Zero Tolerance game

Considerable Fully Verifiable Donations Already Made During the Presale Stage

One of the reasons the Chimpzee presale has gained significant momentum in recent weeks is that investors see the good work already enacted by the team.

The project has already made a series of sizable donations to notable charities that are helping to reduce deforestation or save wildlife.

The donations are fully transparent and verifiable as they’re made through The Giving Block – an organization that helps to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions to charities.

One of the first donations made was to One Tree Planted, to plant 1,000 trees in the Brazilian Rainforest. Then, Chimpzee stepped up their giving by donating another 20,000 trees to be planted in the Guatemalan Rainforest;

They also made a considerable $15,000 donation to the WILD Foundation to provide funding to the rangers who are protecting one of the last herds of desert-adapted elephants in the world;

Then, they made another larger donation to the WILD Foundation of $20,000 to help the Yawanawa people protect the dwindling number of black jaguars in the Brazilian Rainforest;

As you can see, Chimpzee is one of the only Web3 charitable projects that is less talk and more action.

The project has proved itself time and time again to be true to its word on its mission to provide a passive income while helping combat climate change and protect animals on the brink of extinction.

Invest Today and Help Save the Australian Rainforest

The project has already announced its next giving target as the Austrailian Rainforest, and you can help by investing in this passive income project.

Once the presale hits the $1.4 million fundraising milestone, Chimpzee will help protect 1,000 square meters of the Australian Rainforest and the animals in the location. It will also burn 1 billion $CHMPZ tokens in the process;

The presale recently entered the eleventh stage, selling the token for $0.001.

It’s important to mention that presale is using a rising pricing strategy, so the cost of the token will increase to $0.0011 by the thirteenth stage.

Therefore, investing earlier is better to take advantage of the lower pricing structure.

Overall, if you’re interested in making 10x gains and a passive income while helping make the world a better place, you need to look no further than Chimpzee.

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