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Injective Crypto Price Prediction – Will INJ Reach $10?

Injective Crypto Price Prediction
Injective Crypto Price Prediction

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Notifi is now officially integrated with Injective, allowing dApps built on Injective to provide instantaneous user alerts and notifications. Notifi can now be used by ecosystem dApps to send product notifications to their users, opening up new avenues for developing intuitive Web3 applications on Injective.

What is Injective Protocol

INJ is Injective’s native utility token. INJ is a scarce asset that is used on the PoS network for governance, token burn auctions, and staking. The burn auctions on Injective are particularly noteworthy since 60% of all fees earned from dApps are auctioned off every week through a buy back and burn process.

As a result, the quantity of INJ decreases rapidly over time. The INJ burn auction is distinctive in that it contributes to the overall value of the Injective ecosystem. Injective currently has the greatest token burn ratio in the industry.

Notifi has Partnered with Injective to Deliver User Notifications to Web3 Finance

Notifications are an important part of our daily life. Notifications keep us informed and connected, whether it’s for business or amusement. Nevertheless, most Web3 applications available today lack this feature, which further restricts users’ ability to sign up for and control their activity.

“Proper alerting functionality is a fundamental necessity within the world of Web3 today in order to onboard mainstream users into the industry. Notifi will undoubtedly take the Injective ecosystem to new heights and we are excited to be working alongside them to help expand their capabilities across the entire world of Cosmos,” said Injective Labs co-founder and CEO Eric Chen.

Now that Notifi has been integrated, dApps in the Injective ecosystem can start to provide better product experiences that aren’t available in cryptocurrency. A dApp like Helix, for instance, can notify users of important announcements, trade confirmations, liquidations, asset price changes, and much more.

This would improve user experience while also strengthening the Web3 finance ecosystem. Through its partnerships and integrations, Injective continues to push the envelope and has the potential to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

The most recent illustration of Injective’s efforts to introduce integrations that offer a major pathway for widespread adoption is Notifi. See our guide to the best AI crypto to buy here.

The video above has the complete Injective price forecast. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for additional predictions on cryptocurrency prices. Also, Jacob Crypto Bury has a Discord channel with almost 9,000 members where users can get trading tips and learn about upcoming cryptocurrency presales.

INJ Price Prediction

As of today, April 7th, the price of Injective is $5.77 with a 24-hour trading volume of $422.88 million, market cap of $421.27 million, and market dominance of 0.04%. The INJ price increased 9.31% in the last 24 hours. Injective reached its highest price on Apr 30, 2021 when it was trading at its all-time high of $24.91.

Injective Price Graph

Our technical indicators predict that Injective’s 200-day SMA will increase during the coming month and reach $3.26 by May 8th. The short-term 50-Day SMA for Injective is anticipated to reach $6.32 by May 8th.

The INJ market is in a neutral position according to the Relative Strength Index (RSI) value of 65.97. Based on the current price of the classical pivot point (P1), $5.53, Injective’s support levels are $4.66, $5.27, and $4.93. Similarly, the levels of Injective resistance are $5.88, $6.14, and $6.49.

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