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If you’ve heard of Web3.0 then you can’t miss LuckyFi and its $100,000 prize

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Web3.0 marketing platform LuckyFi has launched a compelling event with a $100,000 prize pool. It is one of the best ongoing crypto competitions, as participants have an impressive 1/10,000 odds of winning the LuckyFi prize pool. The number of entry tickets to the competition is restricted to 10,000. However, you can increase the probability of winning by buying more tickets.

A Platform for Fair and Transparent Marketing 

LuckyFi is one of the most popular platforms on BSC, with a large user base and network of partners around the world. The platform makes use of Chainlink VRF to offer fair and transparent activity tools for Web3.0 users.

One of its main goals is to provide high-value NFTs and tokens at very low costs to users and investors. Apart from that, users can also join many interesting activities and competitions that are hosted on the LuckyFi platform. It brings together users, projects, and communities to launch efficient marketing activities and give better benefits to users.

In fact, LuckyFi’s aim is to become a hub for Web3.0 users where they can get advanced, user-friendly marketing tools. In the long run, more diversified activities will be introduced to the platform that connect Web3.0 projects and communities across different sectors. This way, participants can be a part of the project’s journey through a common governance mechanism.

An Introduction to LuckyPoint Mining Mechanism 

Before we dive into the details, it is important to note that 1BNB = 100,000 LuckyPoints. They can get you mining rewards in the LuckyPoint prize pool in the future. This is how the LuckyPoint draw/mining mechanism works:

LuckyFi encourages users to join in lucky draws by giving 30,000,000 (30M) $LUCK tokens as rewards. The mining pool will issue 30,000 (thirty thousand) $LUCK on the first day. Going forward, the output rate will decline by 1% daily.

Once all participants have successfully joined the lucky draws, LuckyPoints of the same amount are issued to them according to the paid BNB. The LuckyPoints claimed by each user are added to the total points, and $LUCK tokens are split proportionally according to the LuckyPoints collected by each user.

A user will accumulate LuckyPoints till she chooses to claim her lucky draw/mining reward. After that, the Lucky points will be cleared up. In essence, the more you spend on LuckyFi draws, the more you earn.

What Sets Apart LuckyFi?

Here are the key features that make LuckyFi one of the best Web3.0 marketing platforms of our time.

Fairness and transparency: LuckyFi’s blockchain foundation gives it a competitive edge in the market in terms of fairness and transparency. The immutable record of transactions on the decentralized ledger ensures that the winners are selected by algorithms. Moreover, anyone can verify the authenticity of the results by looking up the blockchain record.

Excellent user experience: Unlike most blockchain platforms, LuckyFi doesn’t hassle users with jargon or technical directions. Instead, it features a user-friendly interface. Anyone can access LuckyFi services by connecting their wallet to the platform and choosing activities they’d like to join directly.

Mass aggregation of users: LuckyFi’s impressive community support and industry network allows it to harvest high-value NFTs and tokens at cheap costs, which, in turn, maximizes user participation.

NFT liquidity: Another issue that plagues the NFT market is poor NFT liquidity. LuckyFi addresses the problem through continuous activities.

DID: LuckyFi will keep bringing together Web3 users and communities while establishing a DID identity tag in the second quarter of 2023 to build a Web3 social mode.

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