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IBM Enters Partnership For Blockchain-Based Sustainable Clothing

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IBM stands as a global tech giant, and has recently made a partnership with KAYA&KATO. This partnership will be for the creation of a network based on blockchain that will track the sustainable production of clothing, aiming to bring transparency to the creation process at large.

Creating A New Network To Show Sustainability

Not only will these two groups work in tandem with each other, but they will receive further support by way of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development, or BMZ.

As the official announcement states, the textile company and the technology pioneer will work in tandem, aiming to increase the transparency of the entire process of manufacturing clothing.

The platform itself is said to be constructed in order to meet the various needs of its customers when it comes to clothing manufacturing and the process it entails.

The transparency of the process will be significantly increased, as customers will see the origins of the garments and fibers, going up all the way to the end products. The network will go as far as to tell consumers whether or not their clothing of choice had been produced in a sustainable manner.

A Global Change In Sentiment

The publication highlighted that this new blockchain network would also trace and document the entire supply chain of the textile industry. What this means is organic cotton suppliers, KAYA&KATO included, will keep track of the fabrics’ various distribution and production processes, as well as its origins.

IBM gave out a statement about the matter, as well. It highlighted how consumers have come to demand an understanding of the products they buy, particularly when it comes to the environmental impact it has.

In a recent survey, the tech company concluded that 77% of consumers are keen on promoting sustainability, with 57% being willing to change their habits to reduce environmental damage.

Blockchain Technology And Its Many Use Cases

Christian Schultze-Wolters stands as the Director of Blockchain at IBM, and gave a statement about the matter. He highlighted how blockchain technology could serve as a catalyst to increase transparency and collaboration across many industries and their supply chains.

The technology itself allows for trust to develop among suppliers, companies, and consumers, as visibility becomes shared among the collective group.

This stands as one of the many examples of the world slowly starting to integrate blockchain technology as the world continues to modernize to the latest in technologies. Blockchain technology, in particular, has proven itself to be applicable to a wide range of industries, from mining to automaking to food cultivation and electronics.

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