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IBAT Battle Infinity Hits $700k – $3000 IBAT Airdrop Giveaway

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Top Crypto Gaming Platforms

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Battle Infinity, a metaverse-focused fantasy sports gaming platform, has made headlines by raising more than 2700 BNB in mere 7 days and reaching its softcap in just the first week of its presale. With around 80 days still for the presale to end, it seems like Battle Infinity has set a groundbreaking kickstart.

Battle Infinity (IBAT) has amassed more than $700k USD since its introduction on the metaverse-focused Play-to-Earn gaming platform five days ago. IBAT coin, which was founded by a core Indian team, is anticipated to generate 100x returns before the start of its presale.

While the Battle Infinity project is still in its early stages, it’s developers have begun a pre-sale for the platform’s token, IBAT. Their digital token is expected to be the backbone of Battle Infinity, powering its key features and offering holders a means of profit. The token’s presale price is 0.0015 USD. The presale has a 500 BNB maximum purchase cap and a 0.1 BNB minimum buy requirement.

Visit the website, where the presale is now active and more than 15% sold out with around 80 days still left.

IBAT Battle Infinity – Investors Going In Like No Tomorrow

Battle Infinity is basically a P2E (play-to-earn) fantasy sports gaming platform. Every game incorporates the Metaverse environment, the IBAT Battle Arena. In addition to participating and battling in War Infinity, users can interact with one another, perform, watch, and explore the virtual battle arena, immersing themselves in the entire Metaverse.

Battle Infinity’s foundation is protected by CoinSniper’s rigorous KYC checks, which guarantee no rug-pulling.

Mr. Suresh, the founder adds that a group of talented Indian developers who aspire to replace Axie Infinity created Battle Infinity.

Another project developed by an Indian team was Polygon. As an Ethereum-based layer-two scaling solution, Polygon was also created in India, and its MATIC token is currently one of the most valued in the entire globe.

According to our findings, the in-game NFTs used by blockchain gaming platforms to represent player characters, avatars, weapons, and other items have “not been struck as badly” and will continue to operate normally through June 2022.

What is IBAT?

IBAT is the in-game currency for the Battle Infinity games, which includes a decentralised fantasy sports league called the IBAT Premier League, which will be the BEP-20 token IBAT, which will have a maximum supply of 10 billion coins. IBAT will have a play-to-earn functionality and serve as a form of reward for players who participate in these games.

Currently, the Presale Token Price for each BNB is 166,666.66 IBAT. The softcap of 2000 BNB was achieved in mere 7 days of the presale, and the hardcap is 16,500 BNB.

Airdrop IBAT – $3000 Giveaway

There is presently a Battle Infinity airdrop promotion going on, which you can find out more by clicking on the Battle Infinity Telegram.

This airdrop consists of a $3,000 giveaway with 100 winners with prices ranging from $10 – $500. It is advised to direct yourself only to the URL provided by the Telegram administrator in the official page to avoid getting into any scams.

IBAT Presale – How to Take Part

You can take part through this link and buy IBAT with BNB. You will have to choose a wallet, and BNB can be brought after it is connected to the wallet.

Battle Infinity Presale

Step 1: In the buy IBAT area, enter the desired BNB or IBAT purchase amount.

Step 2: After entering the amount, select “BUY IBAT” from the menu.

Step 3: Verify that the transaction will be processed on Metamask or TrustWallet, and you’re done.

Quick Tip: The speed of the Blockchain network affects the speed of the purchasing process. You can check your IBAT token balance by refreshing “YOUR INVESTMENT” in the presale information section if you were successful in purchasing IBAT tokens.

Visit IBAT Pre-sale Now

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