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Hypeloot Casino Trends – First AI Powered Crypto Casino Begins Certik Audited ICO

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The world’s first AI-powered crypto casino, Hypeloot, has been trending on the presale news as it has raised more than $263k already, completing more than 87% of its minimum goal.

The token on offer is HPLT, a multi-utility token with many upsides and offers a unique way for investors to become part of the casino’s growth.

The reasons behind this presale’s success can be attributed to it being an established player in the casino domain. It has more than 122k active players already who have opened more than 2.2 million boxes. Hypeloot’s last year chart shows that its 2023 revenue exceeds $1.1 million.

Hypeloot revenue

Since the token is being backed by a project that has established fundamentals already, can it become the next big crypto of 2024?

What is Hypeloot?

Hypeloot is one of the more recent players in the dynamic realm of crypto casinos. Adding to its dynamism is the inclusion of crypto-specific games ranging from Dice to Crazy Wheel to Crash to Plinko. What makes Hypeloot different from the rest, however, is its proven record for delivering exciting rewards and an outstanding user experience.


Hypeloot has a slew of original titles within the crypto casino genre. All of these titles are provably fair, and their randomness is ensured using EOS and Chainlink blockchains. APIs are also contributing to making the casino a fair place to play.

It takes the standard approach to loot boxes and brings them to the crypto casino domain, providing a fresh new take in a niche that keeps on repeating the same concept. The mystery boxes that this casino delivers cover a broad range of themes, ranging from fashion to electronics. Users are also given a chance to withdraw their winnings in terms of cryptos or their physical equivalents.

Powering this unique ecosystem is the HPLT token that Hypeloot has launched as a presale to give players a chance to own a part of their casino by spending as little as $10.

What is HPLT?

$HPLT is a utility token powering Hypeloot casino. This token is going to be used as a reward token and as a medium of exchange with the casino’s ecosystem.

However, the most relevant use of this token will be staking. Staking HPLT tokens will allow investors to become a part of Hypeloot’s growing ecosystem, essentially owning a part of the casino. As the ecosystem grows and Hypeloot generates more fees, HPLT holders will be able to receive a portion of it.

That said, HPLT’s recent presale will provide early buyers with a host of benefits.

HPLT Presale Raises More than $263k

Hypeloot’s recently-announced presale has set the markets alight, not only offering early movers a chance to buy HPLT tokens at the lowest price but also the following benefits.

50% Site Credits

Those who buy Hypeloot via presale will be able to gain 50% casino credits without any attached caveats. These credits can be used to play games on the platform.

Daily Staking Rewards

Early investors will be able to share a portion of the income that Hypeloot generates during the ongoing presale. These rewards will be distributed in terms of USDT.

Access to Hypes NFTs

Hype NFTs are exclusively for presale investors. These NFTs are tradable on the Hypeloot marketplace and will also deliver on-site benefits.

Hypeloot NFTs

Hype NFT

Hypeloot NFTs or Hypes NFTs are NFTs featuring creatures popularized by popular memecoins. However, these characters have been dressed as rich people to give them a really wealthy vibe. These NFTs are keys to generating passive income on Hypeloot and give investors access to hefty rewards.

Why Invest in Hypeloot?

Other than Hypeloot being available as a presale, giving players a chance to become early movers, here are the reasons to invest in this project.

It is the World’s First AI Crypto Casino

The market doesn’t have a crypto casino that leverages the power of AI yet. Hypeloot is going to introduce Hypebot, an AI assistant that will generate precise responses to any queries players may have while using the platform.

Verified Team and Audited Project

The team behind Hypeloot has been KYC verified already by Assure DeFi. Furthermore, its smart contract has been audited by Certik and shown to be 100% secure.

Token Backed by an Established Product

Hypeloot is not a product merely selling dreams. Launched in 2022, it has already established in the market in the crypto casino arena. Being backed by this product, HPLT is an asset that will surely follow its roadmap, giving users access to a utility token that actually delivers on its promises.

Hypeloot Tokenomics

Hypeloot Tokenomics

There are 100 million HPLT tokens in total, and they have been divided according to the following:

  1. 10% is for the team and advisors
  2. 12.5% is for staking rewards
  3. 17.5% is for CEX and DEX liquidity
  4. 40% is for the presale
  5. 2% is to fund the ecosystem
  6. 5% is for referrals and competitions
  7. 5% is for rewards
  8. 8% is for marketing

How to Buy HPLT

Here are the steps to buy HPLT:

  1. Go to the official website –
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Enter the amount of HPLT you want to buy
  4. Choose between ETH or BNB network
  5. Confirm the transaction

Follow the following socials to stay updated with Hypeloot’s presale:

  1. Telegram
  2. Twitter

Hypeloot has all the innovative traits it needs to become the next crypto presale hit. Those looking for a P2E project with AI-based fundamentals should consider investing.

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