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Huobi’s Research Department Forms Alliance With the University of Gibraltar

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Huobi's Research Department Forms Alliance With the University of Gibraltar
Huobi's Research Department Forms Alliance With the University of Gibraltar

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Huobi is one of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency exchanges, especially in Asia. It has a research and education department called Huobi University, in charge of investigating more about the ground-breaking blockchain technology.

The Huobi University reached an agreement with the University of Gibraltar to work on several projects related to the blockchain. The Huobi group, which is the parent company of the exchange and the research department, describes the pact as the first formal alliance with a Western educational institution.

Heavy Involvement With Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Gibraltar has been one of the nations that have welcomed the blockchain technology the most. Last year, its government announced a collaboration with the same educational institution to create an advisory group that would focus on developing blockchain-related courses and lessons.

In this case, the official release that was published detailed that Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce Albert Isola signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the name of the University, which formalized the agreement. Jianing Yu, the leader of Huobi University, also signed the pact.

Yu said that Huobi University was excited to start working alongside the University of Gibraltar in search of enlightenment about the technology that is slowly, but surely changing the way operations and processes are being conducted worldwide.

He observed that Huobi University wants to accelerate high-quality blockchain-related educational initiatives and projects. Both parties have a desire of promoting academic research about the distributed ledger technology.

Sharing Mutual Experiences and Blockchain Progress

According to Yu, the primary idea behind the strategic alliance is to share mutual experiences and blockchain progress between two different cultures; China and the West. Among the elements that could be explored in the pact are academic programs, courses, lessons, and research projects.

Some of the subjects that can be covered by the newly created alliance are an investment in digital assets, distributed business models, wealth management, the application of blockchain technology in several fields, and blockchain interfacing with 5G and IoT.

Huobi University also announced that it intends to create a series of English-oriented courses directed to entrepreneurs and investors worldwide, as it attempts to expand its reach towards Western civilization.

Several blockchain and crypto sites reported last month that new research performed by Coinbase, another top exchange, finds that about 56 percent of the top 50 educational institutions in the planet offer at least one class related to cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology, and some of them offer multiple lessons.

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