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Huobi Brokerage Introduces On-Platform Messaging, Direct User Trading

Huobi's Research Department Forms Alliance With the University of Gibraltar
Huobi's Research Department Forms Alliance With the University of Gibraltar

Huobi Brokerage, a “digital asset brokerage platform from global blockchain company Huobi Group,” revealed that it would be bringing out new features that allow traders to send messages between one another, as well as trade assets via this chat system. This allows “them to perform large-volume block trades with the best execution price and settlement flexibility possible,” a press release notes.

What this does is make it much easier for users to trade larger amounts of cryptocurrency. Most of the time, big trades bring with incredibly high transaction fees which aren’t ideal for traders. This prevents more institutional investors from getting as involved. Huobi is hoping to change this.

Speaking on the matter is Ciara Sun, the Head of Global Markets at Huobi Group, who said:

“While there is steady activity in the cryptocurrency market, that activity is often limited to a select audience of crypto traders, many of whom have been actively involved in the industry for some time. To expand our reach as an industry and bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream, we need the support and involvement of institutional investors.”

Recently, as InsideBitcoins has previously reported on, Huobi shared some insights on the state of institutional trading so far.

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