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How to Start Your Own Crypto – Interview with Battle Infinity Founder

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The bear market has evidently made it harder for several cryptocurrency projects to sustain their functions. It has brought down the value of small-cap projects and some of the most significant projects currently available in the space.

Even Bitcoin, the frontrunner cryptocurrency has suffered a significant correction where the price plunged to $20,000 levels from its all-time high of around $69,000 last year.

Despite all these conditions, projects with great fundamentals have been building constantly and updating their community on the developments. Developers with high potential ideas have also been launching new ecosystems. Organizations and wise investors have taken this opportunity to buy the dips and participate in such new projects for great returns as the bull market kicks in again.

One such project that has gained massive popularity recently is Battle Infinity. The team behind it is a promising group of Indians, similar to the team that created Polygon, which is currently one of the most valued cryptocurrencies in the world.

Battle Infinity is an innovative approach to Fantasy sports games. The ecosystem hosts a platform for those who wish to participate in blockchain and earn while creating fantasy teams and enjoying the strategic game experience.

It can be difficult for young developers and individuals new to the space to know everything about participating in or developing a project that could be successful. Suresh Joshi, the founder and CEO of Battle Infinity has abundant experience in not only the blockchain Battle Infinityindustry but also in the marketing and tech sector.

Inspiration for the project

Suresh had words of advice for budding developers from his experience while starting a new cryptocurrency project. When asked about his inspiration for creating Battle Infinity, he stated two reasons- one being the rise of Axie Infinity and P2E games in general, where one did not have to be a professional gamer to earn anymore.

Suresh Joshi Battle Infinity

The second was the introduction of Meta by Facebook where Suresh realized the potential of an industry where gaming met the metaverse. As an entrepreneur, he was inspired by such advancements in technology and the blockchain sector and came up with the concept for Battle Infinity.

Specialities and perks

Any project must aim to solve an issue or provide something innovative to the users. On being asked about what Battle Infinity brought to the table, Suresh talked about how P2E games are losing their charm due to the high amount of money needed to even get started. Battle Infinity aims to solve this problem by integrating the NFT renting feature, which is also inspired by Axie Infinity’s famous scholar program.

Battle Infinity

Furthermore, a majority of games in the blockchain sector have inadequate graphics or provide a discontent overall experience as the games become boring. Since the concept of Fantasy Games is tied with sports and the ever-lasting interest it holds, Battle Infinity can boast of being an exciting option.

“Farming and breeding can get very monotonous, so we wanted to centre our game and its economy around skill”, he added.

Metaverse and future plans

“The Battle Arena is where users can buy virtual land, interact with other users, conduct business, such as advertising their team or game – we will be onboarding third party games – on our virtual billboards, or putting on events such as concerts or, of course, sports matches. We are using the Unreal Engine SDK to build our virtual world and the augmented reality viewer will be coming in Phase 4 – we are currently in Phase 3”, Suresh commented on future metaverse plans.

In short, the developers have identified what the industry lacks and has been trying to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and the blockchain industry with Battle Infinity.

Dream 11 and MPL are currently some of the biggest fantasy sports league games. They share around 185 million users among them. When asked about their ambitions to grow past their traditional contenders, Suresh addressed the advantage Battle Infinity had against them since it was blockchain-based. He said that P2E done right could potentially shake the entire market not only in India but on a global level.

Battle Infinity has managed to successfully generate a huge community. The native token, IBAT is currently available for presale and is priced at $0.0015. The project is expected to do extremely well since it is being introduced with great success at a time when the market has been bleeding.

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