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Hoping Club Partners With REVA To Develop NFTs

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Hoping Club, an investment institution on Wall Street, has partnered with a digital art collection service platform, REVA, to create new non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

On July 15, 2022, Hoping Club confirmed successful integration with REVA to develop new NFT collections. According to Hoping  Club, their partnership is a golden opportunity in the Web3 space.

Amid the recent crypto market downturn, the new NFT project will be vital for supporting the healthy and orderly NFT development on Web3. The NFT project will also deepen marketization and financialization.

About REVA

REVA is a renowned digital art collection service platform that mainly focuses on Web3. In May 2022, REVA unveiled its road map, which included launching a digital collection trading platform and an NFT trusteeship program.

At the time, REVA  aimed at seizing the current blank NFT creditor’s rights market to solve existing challenges, such as insufficient liquidities, valuation, and the slow realization of NFTs.

Recently, REVA established an authoritative valuation panel aimed at handling some contentious questions within the global crypto market. The customer resource included digital art appreciation experts, blockchain technology experts, NFT technology experts, financial analysis experts, Viking’s world-class financiers, senior auctioneers, and artists.

Interestingly, users can mortgage their NFT collections through the NFT trusteeship program and seamlessly get loans. Moreover, user can also auction their NFT collection for higher returns. In the process, REVA will provide a valuation and guarantee for the NFT collections. REVA will publish a white paper on the new functionality in the future.

About Hoping Club

Founded in 2012, Hoping Club is an investment on Wall Street renowned for taking diversified investment as its philosophy since its inception. Hoping Club provides data analysis and investment services to its members within the digital space.

Notably, the NFT adoption saw an exponential surge last year, leaving many NFT trading markets soaring. At the time, Hoping Club took advantage of the NFT hype and launched its NFT mortgage business internally to achieve good returns.

Hoping Club and REVA have partnered, anticipating that the NFT financial market might flourish in the coming months. Therefore, their integration will focus on creating products and business forms in the auction business under their NFT trusteeship.

Under the new integration, Hoping Club will leverage REVA’s technical resources alongside other capabilities such as information security, communication, mathematics, finance, network development, and high-frequency algorithm trading. REVA recently filed a patent to create a Metaverse.


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