HDR Global Announces Another $100,000 Grant Recipient

McAfee Backs Out from His $1 Million Price Target for Bitcoin
McAfee Backs Out from His $1 Million Price Target for Bitcoin

BitMEX’s research division has provided $100,000 to a Bitcoin developer, Gleb Naumenko, as part of a grant, according to Crowdfund Insider.

Naumenko is the second developer on the Bitcoin platform to receive a grant from the BitMEX division. These grants are the result of HDR Global, BitMEX’s parent company, and its attempt to incentivize those who are working on open-source technology such as Bitcoin, the publication notes.

It also relays some information from last month, when HDR Global provided a $100,000 grant to another developer, Michael Ford. At the time, the group had said:

“Under this program, we hope to add to those grants we have previously made to relevant developers by providing annual Open Source Developer Grants to developers working on Bitcoin, NodeJS, Java or Kubernetes. In addition we may provide certain smaller grants, from time to time, related to the production of related educational materials, technical workshops or the transcribing or translation of relevant technical content.”

As InsideBitcoins has previously reported on, the group has offered over $650,000 in grants to open source developers working to make the cryptocurrency space a better one. It will be accepting grant applications all the way until June 30th of this year as well and will be offering those grants until September.

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