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Hdac and Binance-Backed CertiK To Track IoT Devices Through Blockchain

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Binance P2P Platform Adds Support for 5 Fiat Currencies in Latin America

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The blockchain platform of Hdac actively strives to try and combine seamless mapping, authentication, as well as machine-to-machine transactions into a blockchain network that holds IoT devices. CertiK has had its team of blockchain engineers work closely alongside Hdac in order to audit both the design and the implementation of its codebase. This codebase, according to the companies, is expected to be released within the near future, as well.

A Partnership Made By Chance

Hdac had previously leveraged the CertiK firm to audit its codebase, as well. There, the security firm learned that Hdac was planning on developing blockchain solutions. This came via a spokesperson of CertiK, in turn. This discovery led to the company seeking a formal partnership with Hdac, and the rest is, as they say, history. It should be noted that a codebase in and of itself is a source code collection that can be used to develop software systems, acting as a general repository as well.

Connie Ngo, the marketing manager of CertiK, gave an email about the matter at large. Ngo cited the future plans of Hdac made the firm conclude that a mutual partnership would be the best course of action. This will allow Hdac to make a public promise to focus on security, and CertiK can use it as a symbol of its ability to support more extensive enterprise solutions, which Hdac represents, according to Ngo.

A Small Inclusion

Alongside this formal partnership, the co-founder of CertiK, Ronghui Gu, will join the advisory board of Hdac, as an act of solidarity.

Hdac Technology AG has its headquarters within the crypto haven region within Switzerland, Zug. It was founded by the CEO of Hyundai BS&C, Dae-sun Chung. Hyundai BS&C, in turn, stands as an independent construction and IT company, which in and of itself bears no legal connection with the very well-known automotive company, Hyundai Motors. A mildly amusing tidbit, for the most part.

A Promising History

The security firm is quite well known for having received the backing of Binance Labs, the crypto and blockchain incubator wing of the Binance crypto exchange. This occurred all the way back in October of 2018, and the backing was by the tune of multiple millions of USD. On the other side of the spectrum, Hdac had entered a strategic partnership with the CasperLabs blockchain startup. This partnership was to jointly research and develop their own form of consensus mechanisms, as well as implementing seamless integrations between the two firms’ respective blockchains. This occurred back in June of 2019.

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