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Paxful and OKEx Partner Up For Greater User Choice

Paxful and OKEx Partner Up For Greater User Choice
Paxful and OKEx Partner Up For Greater User Choice

OKEx, a global crypto exchange, has now made a new partnership with Paxful, a heavyweight peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform. This partnership will see to it that users will be allowed more fiat-to-crypto on-ramps within the platform. Furthermore, the partnership will see to the regions that OKEx has little reach in, allowing those regions to push for crypto adoption, as well as giving an overall global push for it.

Direct Integration Of Paxful Kiosk

This partnership will see OKEx directly integrating the Paxful Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk within its platform. With this P2P web platform integrated into the exchange itself, users will be capable of funding their accounts with digital currencies, bought by P2P purchases. With this, users of OKEx will be capable of funding their accounts in more than 160 different forms of fiat currencies.

Jay Hao, the CEO of OKEx, gave a statement about the matter at large. He explained that these sorts of partnerships are the best way to grow the crypto ecosystem as a whole. He stated that the crypto industry at large is still very small on a global scale, and needs to reach mass adoption to change this. Hao stated that by working together, this will be achieved and that this Paxful partnership allows for a win-win opportunity.

Hao: Joining Forces Is Key

With this new partnership, OKEx will be capable of reaching further into regions the exchange doesn’t have as strong a presence within. Through this, users within this region will be given access to all OKEx has to offer, everything from high liquidity to superior technology, to a range of trading features, as well as security and high-interest accounts.

Hao went further, explaining that Paxful users will be gaining from this agreement, as well. He stated that the P2P trading platform’s users will be capable of accessing margin, spot, and derivatives trading within the OKEx platform itself. Furthermore, Hao explained that these users would be capable of taking part in the options trading space, as well, doing so through the OKEx DEX. Hao believes that a world of opportunity will be opened up to these Paxful users.

A Warning Out Of Goodwill

Hao, in an expression of goodwill, gave out a warning to the Paxful users, as well. This warning was that these users must first educate themselves on these features that OKEx has to offer, everything from liquidation, to margins, to leverage, and more. Further warnings came that these new forms of trading that these users will be leveraged, are all subject to the terms and conditions of the exchange itself.

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