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Hamster Kombat Latest: Uzbekistan Regulators Say Viral Telegram Game Is Not Illegal 

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Hamster Konbat
Hamster Konbat

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Uzbekistan regulators have said that the popular Hamster Kombat clicker game is not banned in the country, but withdrawing in-game coins could have legal consequences.

This Telegram-based game has amassed over 200 million players globally within weeks as its popularity soars across Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and the rest of Eastern Europe.

The Uzbekistan National Agency for Perspective Projects (NAPP), which regulates the crypto industry, noted that Hamster Kombat was not a play-to-earn game. The in-game coins earned by players lack collateral and utility, unlike cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the in-game coins are not based on blockchain, making them non-crypto assets. However, according to the regulator, if Hamster Kombat decides to adopt blockchain technology, these coins will qualify as crypto assets.

The NAPP noted that it can only regulate the game if it switches to blockchain.

“As long as the accounting units of the Hamster Kombat game do not have a blockchain, the regulation of their circulation is not within the competence of the Agency,” it stated.

Mid-this month, Uzbekistan warned that Hamster Kombat players who withdraw in-game coins to crypto exchanges or exchange for fiat faced a 15-day imprisonment.

Hamster Kombat Popularity Soars

Hamster Kombat hit 200 million users globally recently, a number that doubled in barely two weeks.

Its explosive growth comes amid the highly anticipated airdrop happening in July, during which players will receive tokens depending on the points accumulated in the game.

Hamster Kombat is the hottest new game on Telegram and follows hard on the heels of Notcoin, another gaming app based on Telegram that saw massive success after its launch. The game held an airdrop on May 16, with the NOT token market cap now at $1.6 billion.

The hype around the viral game may have a spillover effect on GameFi cryptos, as well as surging presales like PlayDoge (PLAY), eTukTuk (TUK), Mega Dice (DICE) and Sponge V2 (SPONGE), all of which offer games that appeal to investors.

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