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Grayscale Launches US Ad Campaign To Bring Crypto To Homes

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Grayscale Ethereum Trust Files with The SEC to Receive Reporting Status
Grayscale Ethereum Trust Files with The SEC to Receive Reporting Status

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Grayscale stands as a major crypto asset management firm owned by the Digital Currency Group (DCG). As it stands now, the firm is making plans to launch a new national ad campaign within the US. This ad campaign will come within a time of great geopolitical and socio-economic uncertainty, which is already driving the public to monetary and financial alternatives.

Spreading The News

This isn’t the first stunt that Grayscale has done. Before its current ad campaign for 2020, the firm held a “drop gold” campaign in 2019.

Barry Silbert stands as the founder and CEO of DCG and Grayscale, and gave a public statement about the matter at large. In a tweet, he assured the crypto community that Grayscale would bring the crypto space to the public at large.

It will happen thanks to a new national ad campaign, which will start next week within the US, Silbert said. These ads will be shown on MSNBC, CNBC, FOX, as well as Fox Business.

Time Of Massive Opportunity

However, the exact details about these ads, how they’ll look, or what results they’ll even give, is still up in the air. However, what can be said is what prime an opportunity this is for the crypto space at large. This ad campaign will be aired in a time where the US is struggling under a major health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This health crisis, in turn, has caused a massive downturn in the economy, both globally and locally. The end result is these ads will show a new, alternative asset when people are already looking for a safe haven to store their wealth.

Marcus Swanepoel stands as the co-founder and CEO of the Luno crypto exchange, and has gone on record to state that this crisis is good for Bitcoin (BTC). Swanepoel isn’t the only industry insider to say this, as this is the majority opinion about the matter.

Many People Desperate For Greater Financial Control

Julian Sawyer stands as the Managing Director for the Gemini Exchange’s European arm. In Sawyer’s opinion, this economic recession, coupled with a greater understanding of crypto technology and a favorable view from regulators, will benefit crypto immensely. Couple this with traditional investors turning to crypto, validating it in the eyes of the public, and more people will look towards it to try and control their own finances.

Alongside this, a massive increase in Bitcoin exposure could see skyrocket in price during these times of financial instability. This comes according to Zac Prince, who stands as the co-founder of BlockFi, a significant crypto lending startup based in the US.

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