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Google Cloud’s China Arm Looking For Blockchain Business Development Manager

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Google Searches for Bitcoin Fall On Yahoo and Google In 2019
Google Searches for Bitcoin Fall On Yahoo and Google In 2019

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Google Cloud had spread the word via a job post that it’s now looking to bring a blockchain business development manager on board. This manager will lead a new team which will be based in China. With this move, Google reaffirms its commitment to both the blockchain space and its willingness to do business in China.

The Mandatory Job Descriptions

As the job post detailed, the candidate for this role will need to be the leader of a team dedicated to the job of offering C-level executives all across china cloud computing services. Applications are open to individuals based in Shanghai, Beijing, or Shenzhen.

The job description has all the typical hallmarks one would expect, mandating that those that apply should inspire schools, leading companies, and government agencies to work smarter. Indeed, they should work smarter by way of Google Search, G Suite, and Chrome, according to the job description.

The posting details that the applicants will have to advocate the “innovative power” that is the Google-made products, promising organizations that they will be more collaborative, productive, and mobile if they just adopted Google’s services. Of course, Google further mandates a passion for Google products, highlighting how that would help spread the “magic” of google to the world at large. Honestly, it’s quite an impressive amount of PR-friendly descriptions.

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Needing “Deep Understanding” of the “Unique” Challenges

Further expectations from this executive are that they will need to sell enterprise accounts, develop new relationships, leverage existing relationships, and generally act as a trusted partner. All of this must be done in order to “deeply understand” China’s various “unique company challenges and goals,” which is quite the way of putting China’s socio-economic and political climate.

As it stands now, Google Cloud offers blockchain developers an array of services, from Blockchain Wallet to Blockchain explore. Should the company successfully grow its China-based userbase, a greater volume of enterprise accounts could be within the Google teams’ hands, which will develop blockchain-powered apps, more often than not.

Google Pushing Into Blockchain

This new move into China comes after Google had confirmed a partnership with Digital Asset back in 2018, which saw blockchain capabilities be integrated into the suite of Google Cloud services.

On a similar vein, Google announced back in May of 2020 that it had made a partnership with Theta Labs. This allowed for the distribution of onboarding videos in a more effective manner through the use of Google Cloud.

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