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GamerHash, Chainlink Partner to Bring NFTs to the Mainstream

GamerHash, a platform for “gamers to share their idle CPU/GPU for mining crypto or earning it through playing games,” has just integrated Chainlink’s Bitcoin/USD “Price Reference Data” feed into its systems to “calculate the profitability of providing different computational resources on our platform,” a press release from the gaming platform notes.

The goal here is to introduce non-fungible tokens (NFTs are unique digital assets) into the rest of the gaming community. It’s notable to introduce NFTs to gamers first, as they’re used to the idea of unique in-game assets. After all, MMOs like World of Warcraft have one-of-a-kind items that players grind for years to acquire.

Speaking on the matter is the head of Chainlink Business Development, Daniel Kochis, who said:

“The gaming industry is primed to see massive expansion through the introduction of in-game rewards as scarce NFT assets. We’re excited to collaborate with GamerHash to augment blockchain gaming through the use of Chainlink VRF and various other key off-chain price and data feeds.”

On top of this, GamerHash will take advantage of Chainlink’s systems to introduce NFTs into its future games and marketplaces.

Sharing some thoughts on this is Artur Pszczolkowski, the Co-founder and CMO of GamerHash, who said:

“In a year or two market of non-fungible tokens will be consolidated as most of the other sectors. After building out our operations in Asia, we should have all the infrastructure in place to scale and become Amazon of NFTs, and Chainlink will be the go-to oracle solution for the users, games, and item exchange.”

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