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Gabriele Rigo: "Towards The Open Exchange of Value: Transaction Latency and Scalability Solutions"

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Gabriele Rigo, CEO and Founder of RigoBlock, a protocol for decentralised fund infrastructure – has recently posted an article regarding the evolution of translation latency and scalability within blockchain technology.

“The prevalence of this terminology in the ICO space simply demonstrates this point. Blockchain itself, has now become such a buzzword you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the new technology.

But this is good, and very much overdue. Look no further than the political and regulatory environments where cryptocurrencies are already making an impact. They are creating a competitive market with traditional money, forcing central banks to be more alert within the sector.

However, it is my firm belief that if one excludes the monetary effect of cryptocurrencies from the equation, the impact on society of decentralization and blockchain is highly underestimated. This is apparent as some primitive forms of decentralization through blockchain applications are already starting to emerge.

However, the drawback is that given the current scalability limitations, we cannot expect the technology to impact our society in the short term. Although I can affirm that the pace of technological progress in blockchain is accelerating and as shown below.

During the early days of blockchain as a technology (2015–16 so to speak) the concept of blockchain itself was very unknown. Back in the day, if Bitcoin was reported on, it was in regard to its number of forks. Later on, the word started to spread around media sources.” read the full article here



About RigoBlock


RigoBlock, is a blockchain protocol for decentralized asset management. A Turing-complete solution to develop applications for asset management (i.e. for the fund management industry). The RigoBlock protocol offers new types of incentives for managers and investors by aligning their interests through the Proof-of-Performance algorithm, by eliminating management fees and performance fees from the funds. RigoBlock graduated from the “Blockchain Business Solution” accelerator program by H-Farm in cooperation with Deutsche Bank. RigoBlock is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Cryptovalley Association.

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