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Fundraise for Your Crypto Projects With These Fundraising Platforms

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Binance Smart Chain
Binance Smart Chain

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Similar to startups in the business space, most crypto assets need fundraising to bring their product to the market. But it’s not just about raising money. There are a lot of other components to it that determine the success of a product. These include everything from promoting your product and building a community to crowdfunding.

There are several platforms in the market that enable fundraising, and different platforms support different purposes. Here is a list of the best crypto fundraising platforms, along with the best startups in 2022 that quickly rose to the top in the fundraising game.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain hosts a lot of fundraising platforms, enabling users to invest in diverse crypto projects. The blockchain is highly preferred by developers as it allows to build dApps and cryptocurrencies with ease. The platform also has lower fees on transactions making it a preferred choice for users as well.

Battle Infinity is a recently introduced coin and a play-to-earn crypto platform built on the Binance smart chain. It recently underwent a presale where it raised $765k in 11 days.

The metaverse gaming platform is expected to outperform Axie Infinity as the founder insisted it is a better platform than Axie Infinity. Ironically, it was the rise of Axie Infinity that inspired him to build Battle Infinity in the first place.

Sweetpad is another fundraising platform on the Binance Smart Chain that allows users to invest in DeFi, Metaverse and many other crypto projects. The platform also has an NFT staking feature where users are given free tokens on the launch of new projects.

These projects are double audited before they are launched on the platform, and the platform charges absolutely no fees for its transactions. Except for the fees charged by the Binance Smart Chain.

The platform is accessible to everyone including beginners who know little to nothing about the crypto industry. Additionally, through an anti-whale mechanism, no single sale can account for more than 0.05% of the total supply of SweetCoin. This is done in order to prevent price manipulation by whales who usually have control over a significant quantity of any asset.

Checkout Battle Infinity Presale


As mentioned earlier, building a community is extremely important for a crypto project to succeed. Building a community gets you a certain set of people who diligently follow your project, and support it from when it is being built to when it is launched.


Telegram is one such community platform used by many crypto projects for community building. The platform enables you to share updates regarding projects. And the community members interact with each other as well. This is done with features such as channels and groups respectively.

Before its presale, Battle Infinity was able to build a community on the platform. Which is a major reason why the platform has fundraised so successfully.


While community building is a crucial part of a crypto project roadmap, there’s something more important that has to be done before it. And it is marketing.

Source: Pymnts

But marketing isn’t just limited to making people know about your product. Making people talk about it is just as important. And Reddit comes out to be the best platform for that. The platform allows you to start a discussion around your project, helping your crypto project to lift off from ground zero.

There are also multiple subreddits on the platform that are particularly focused on crypto crowdfunding, such as Crypto Fundraiser.


Facebook is yet another platform that focuses on marketing, but it’s slightly different from the ones mentioned previously. What Facebook has are paid ads.


Unlike other platforms where you attempt to increase your reach organically, with Facebook, crypto projects can target specific groups of people interested in crypto. With posts that go from actual ads, videos, and informative posts to keeping your crowd updated on your project’s latest achievements.

The audience a project receives from Facebook can be diverted to other platforms, such as Telegram and Reddit, where the people will be more involved in the community.

Fundraising Crypto Startups In 2022


Meridio is a crowdfunding platform released in the year 2017, in Brooklyn. The platform uses blockchain technology to turn individual properties into digital shares, cutting the intermediaries involved in the traditional property buying process.

All the properties on the platform are verified, and investors can also co-own the properties listed. However, it is only available to the residents of the US as of now.


CoinSniper is a platform where project leaders can list their projects after they’ve had them properly certified. The certification process on the platform is slightly intensive, as to ensure only noteworthy projects get listed, the process involves smart contract audits and KYC verification of crypto projects.

what is Coinsniper

The platform also provides a launchpad where users can develop tokens and launch them easily. Along with that, the platform highlights crypto projects that are worth the attention, such as the recently popular Battle Infinity. Helping people find new crypto projects they can invest in.


Fundraising is incredibly important for crypto projects to prosper and having reliable platforms that supplement the objective makes it really easy for founders to navigate through the process. We discussed the best crypto platforms to fundraise in 2022.

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