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FRODO Surges 250%, But Is Chimpzee The Better Option?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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In recent market activity, FRODO has experienced a substantial surge of 250%, capturing the attention of investors. 

However, amidst the excitement surrounding FRODO’s impressive performance, some question whether Chimpzee may be a more favorable alternative. 

While FRODO’s surge may be impressive, it’s important to consider both options’ potential benefits and drawbacks before making any investment decisions. 

In this piece, we will explore the recent surge of FRODO and compare it to the potential advantages offered by Chimpzee, providing valuable insights for investors seeking to navigate the market.

FRODO Coin: Unveiling the Key Data Behind its Performance

FRODO coin has been making waves in the cryptocurrency market, garnering attention with its intriguing data. 

Below are some key figures highlighted by Dextool shedding light on the current state of FRODO:

Total liquidity: With total liquidity of $110.88K, FRODO demonstrates the market depth and availability for traders and investors alike.

24-hour volume: The 24-hour trading volume stands at $37.12K, indicating the activity level and interest surrounding FRODO within a given day.

Pooled WETH: The pooled Wrapped Ether (WETH) associated with FRODO is recorded at 29.62, indicating the extent of WETH liquidity integrated with FRODO coin.

Total Market Cap: FRODO’s total market capitalization amounts to $1.60M, indicating the overall value of all FRODO coins in circulation.

Total Supply: FRODO has a total supply of 100.00 billion FRODO coins, providing insight into the coin’s scale and potential future developments.

These figures can assist in evaluating the coin’s current performance and potential for growth or stability within the cryptocurrency market.

FRODO Technical Overview

Source: Dextools

According to a chart from Dextools, the asset is trading above its moving average, suggesting that the recent average price is lower than the current market price. 

This condition is often seen as a positive sign, indicating potential upward momentum in the asset’s price, attracting bullish sentiment from traders and investors.

Furthermore, the asset’s Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is above the signal line, indicating a bullish signal. Also, the histogram bars are above zero, showing strong green candles, validating the bullish sentiment present in the asset.

This combination suggests that the asset’s positive momentum is increasing, with the potential for further upward price movement.  Traders and investors may interpret this as a favorable indication to consider buying or holding the asset.

However, traders should consider other analysis tools before making decisions, as the crypto market is highly volatile.

Bollinger Band & RSI Signals Trend Reversal

Source: Dextools

Based on the chart, the asset is trading above the upper band of the Bollinger Bands indicator, suggesting that the price is relatively high compared to its recent volatility. 

This condition often signifies a potential overbought situation, indicating a higher likelihood of a price correction or reversal soon. Also, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is currently at 93.67, suggesting a high buying pressure and a potential trend reversal signal.

Notably, the Bollinger Bands and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicators signal a trend reversal and indicate a high probability of a change in the asset’s price direction. 

This combination suggests that the prevailing trend is losing momentum, and a potential reversal may occur. 

Smart Analysis Tool Highlight Key Details of FRODO

Key details about the cryptocurrency token called Frodo (FRODO) have been unveiled by a smart contract analysis platform. 

A popular platform for exploring and analyzing the Ethereum blockchain, Etherscan, has provided important information about FRODO, including its maximum token supply, the total number of transfers, and current token holders.

According to data from Etherscan, the maximum token supply of FRODO is 100, 000,000,000 tokens. The number of token holders is gradually increasing and currently stands at 187. The total number of transfers made so far is 271, as reported on the Etherscan platform.

Among the token holders on Etherscan, the top 50 holders are making significant transactions, contributing to the token’s activity. The first 10 holders, in particular, hold substantial quantities of $FRODO tokens. 

One address, unnamed but identified as number one on the list, holds the highest number of tokens, with a staggering 14,626,856,311.562243908 FRODO tokens. This amount represents approximately 14.6269% of the total circulating supply of FRODO tokens, according to Etherscan.

The significant stake held by the unnamed address solidifies its position as a major player in the Token FRODO ecosystem, potentially influencing market sentiment and dynamics. 

The second-ranked holder possesses over 9.1737% of the tokens, totaling 9,173,736,091.431764471, while the third-ranked holder holds 7.9986%, accruing over 7 million worth of $FRODO. 

These top 10 holders have a crucial impact on the future direction of the token and the overall market attitude. From the list, we also see the competition between investors trying to buy more of the tokens. The fourth address is closely pursuing the top rank with 7,582,094,030.1349821838 tokens worth, an overall 7.5821%. 

Etherscan is an essential tool for Ethereum users, developers, researchers, and businesses, offering transparency and accessibility to Ethereum blockchain data. It has gained widespread trust as a reliable source of information and analysis for Ethereum-related activities.

Etherscan statistics provide investors and enthusiasts with valuable insights into the distribution and activity of FRODO coins, enhancing their understanding of the token. 

Factors Affecting the Price of FRODO

Supply and demand play a crucial role in determining the price of FRODO, similar to other cryptocurrencies. Factors such as block reward halving, hard forks, or protocol modifications can also influence the asset’s price. 

Additionally, legal regulations, acceptance by corporations and governments, exchange hacks, and other real-world events can also impact the price of FRODO. 

The market value of FRODO can fluctuate significantly within a short period. Many traders closely monitor the activities of prominent FRODO holders, known as “whales,” to forecast future trends. 

Due to the relatively small size of the FRODO market, these whales can have a substantial influence on price fluctuations.

Exploring Chimpzee as an Alternative: Key Features and Potential Advantages

Chimpzee is an initiative integrating profit-making opportunities and entertainment while motivating investors to prioritize environmental conservation and animal welfare. 

The ecosystem offers users exclusive merchandise sales and generates passive income through CHMPZ coins. Chimpzee enables individuals to earn money by actively contributing to climate change mitigation and wildlife preservation. 

It encompasses diverse features like the Chimpzee shop, zero tolerance game, and NFT marketplace, all seamlessly integrated to provide a comprehensive experience. 

The project shop facilitates CHMPZ token utilization for purchasing high-quality goods and acts as the central hub for commerce within the ecosystem.

Chimpzee’s NFT marketplace distributes a portion of its trading fee profits among active users. By owning an NFT passport, users gain significant shares from the profit pool. 

The CHMPZ Zero Tolerance Game also provides an entertaining avenue for users to earn coins by accomplishing specific milestones. The CHMPZ token, serving as the primary currency for platform operations and incentives, forms the core of Chimpzee’s ecosystem. 

Users can utilize this token for various transactions within the ecosystem and, in turn, receive rewards in CHMPZ tokens. 40 billion tokens will be available during the presale, and any unsold tokens will be removed from circulation permanently. 

Currently, CHMPZ is in the midst of its presale phase, which commenced on March 20, 2023, offering CHMPZ tokens at $0.00067.  Acquiring these tokens is simple, using USDT, ETH, or bank cards.

Remarkably, $CHIMPZ has raised over $600,000 and is heading towards its target of $1,100,000. This achievement underscores the project’s significance to both investors and the environment.

With the presale nearing its conclusion, investors are actively acquiring tokens despite growing concerns and uncertainties.  

After the presale is over, the coin is projected to trade at $0.00185 on several platforms, potentially leading to even higher selling prices shortly. Traders and investors who utilize this current price will gain over 100% of their investment.

Also, following the presale, Chimpzee NFT passports will be accessible, with the important note that only stage 1 presale investors are eligible to acquire Chimpzee Diamond NFT passports. 

A whitelist event will be conducted before the public can access the NFT passports. If any Diamond NFT passports remain, they will be offered for sale to the general public. 

Additionally, regular NFT passports will be available after the presale, exclusively for presale investors, with a whitelist event allowing the public to purchase any remaining passports. Any Diamond NFT passports that couldn’t be sold will be accessible for purchase by the general public. 

Furthermore, regular NFT passports will be offered exclusively to presale investors after the event ends. A whitelist event will also be held for the public to acquire any remaining passports. The Chimpzee Diamond NFT passport will solely be obtainable for those who participated in the initial presale round. 

The circulating supply of CHMPZ coins may be reduced by up to 10% when they are burned following their use in purchasing Chimpzee NFT passports. 

After the presale, the Chimpzee team will prioritize the development of the Chimpzee shop, NFT minting platform, and staking engine, as well as securing listings on multiple exchanges.

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