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First Webtoon AI Meme Coin Ever: SoraMala Launches Presale Paying Tribute to Sora AI

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

SoraMala crypto token
SoraMala crypto token

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SoraMala is the latest meme coin sensation. The project just launched the presale of $SORAMALA tokens, which pay tribute to Sora AI, the groundbreaking AI model that can create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions. 

$SORAMALA’s entry marks the beginning of a new era in the meme coin market that is currently crowded with dogs, cats, and frogs. 

The unique narrative and value propositions of the token strengthen its price predictions, ranging from 10X to 100X over the next few months depending on the broader market sentiments. 

A Team of Visionary Creators

SoraMala is powered by a team of visionary creators who have expertise in cutting-edge AI and Web3 technologies. They recognize the transformative capabilities of Sora AI in Hollywood and game trailer production. 

The group of blockbuster game developers, artists, and writers aims to ignite a meaningful evolution in the entertainment industry, tapping into advanced technologies. 

SoraMala team

The first-of-its-kind theme centered on AI technologies stands apart from the crowd of meme coins. The team successfully blends meme culture with genuine innovation. 

With the project, they lay the foundation for an expansive ecosystem encompassing webtoons, animations, Web3 games, and AI chatbots.

The blockchain framework of the project embraces a democratic, decentralized ethos. As part of this, SoraMala is built as a community-centric project. The decision underscores their commitment to transparency and decentralization. 

The project draws inspiration from a ‘mysterious animal’ born from the most innovative Sora AI in 2024. Sora means sky in Japanese. Mala means spicy in Chinese.  According to the project, SoraMala “symbolizes a mind as clear and transparent as the sky, the challenge of infinite possibilities, and the spicy taste of innovative technology present”.

On-Chain Staking For Passive Wealth Growth

$SORAMALA doesn’t plan on being just another fleeting sensation in the meme coin market. It has a unique theme with viral potential. At the same time, it focuses on utility and integrations to nurture long-term relevance, even as the initial speculative momentum wanes as it often happens in the meme coin market. 

SoraMala meme coin

It introduces an ingenious staking mechanism that allows holders to contribute to the token’s ecosystem stability, security, and growth. It fosters a sense of ownership and belongingness in the community, while driving the demand and utility of the token. 

In the first year, 10% of the token supply (10,000,000,000 tokens) will be set aside for staking to mitigate early sell-offs. In the second year, the staking system gets  5% of the supply (5,000,000,000 tokens)

The goal is to mold $SORAMALA as a dynamic and self-sustaining entity.

The project also plans to use its influence to support charitable initiatives, community projects, and noble causes worldwide. 

$SORAMALA Has a Bright Road Ahead

In the first phase, SoraMala launched its white paper and website. It is establishing its web3 platform now. Meme webtoon production and AI video creation platform development commenced in this stage, paving the path for the project’s journey ahead. 

Token presale began in the second phase on the Ethereum blockchain. It is accompanied by web3 platform-based staking. The presale will be featured across news portals and social media platforms to increase awareness and adoption.

Sora Mala token Solatopia

The exchange listing of $SORAMALA is planned in the third phase, alongside the launch of meme webtoons and the AI video creation platform. The launch of the web3 game for mobile devices is also scheduled in this phase to strengthen the project’s technological footprint.

Growth and expansion will be the focus of the fourth phase. This will be made possible through top CEX listings, liquidity expansion, and global market expansion efforts. Another goal in this phase is to secure 1 million monthly active subscribers.

$SORAMALA will be available on popular CEXs and DEXs.

The Short Presale Window is Open

The short presale window of $SORAMALA tokens is now open. Investors just need to click the buy now button on the website and follow the instructions to join the presale. The presale supports ETH, USDT, and cards, and BNB. But BNB purchases won’t be eligible for the annual returns from staking. 

The staking APY stood at 90,000% at the time of writing. 

Soramala tokenomics

As one of the most promising meme coins to enter the market in a long time, $SORAMALA has high growth potential. The token’s investment outlook is optimistic, whether it is on the speculative, thematic, or utility front. The focus on innovation and utility, in particular, strengthens its long-term prospects. 


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