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First Multi-Chain Meme Coin of 2024 Ending Soon – ALROCK Presale Review

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

First Multi-Chain Meme Coin of 2024 Ending Soon – ALROCK Presale Review
First Multi-Chain Meme Coin of 2024 Ending Soon – ALROCK Presale Review

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Dogeverse, the world’s first multi-chain dog-themed meme coin, is almost done with its presale, with only 10 days left to participate.

Thanks to its innovative use and favorable market conditions, Dogeverse has had one of the most successful ICOs of 2024, making it a leading crypto contender.

As the presale nears its end, let’s look at why Dogeverse is seen as a promising new meme coin.

Why Dogeverse could be the next big meme coin?

Dogeverse, a multi-chain meme coin, will be available on various major blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Base, and more.

Its multi-chain interoperability is made possible through protocols like Wormhole and Portal Bridge, facilitating easy token bridging between different networks with minimal fees.

Among Dogeverse’s notable features is its multi-chain deployment, offering users flexibility and interoperability. Additionally, it includes a built-in staking protocol enabling users to earn passive income by staking their tokens.

The current staking yield stands at 51% per year, with over 31 billion $DOGEVERSE tokens already staked. With a capped token supply of 200 billion tokens, 10% is reserved for providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and 25% for marketing purposes.

You can explore the potential future of Dogeverse through our $DOGEVERSE price prediction.

Dogeverse ICO ends soon – Last chance to buy

Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) swiftly gathered over $15 million during its crypto presale, sparking excitement among investors eagerly awaiting the presale’s conclusion and the chance to secure their tokens. The presale is set to wrap up officially on June 3rd at 10 AM UTC, followed by the claim launch on June 5th at the same time.

Investors now have one final opportunity to acquire $DOGEVERSE at the discounted rate of $0.00031 before the coin hits exchanges. While the Dogeverse team hasn’t disclosed the specific exchanges for listing, their website details the upcoming phases of their roadmap after the presale.

These phases encompass Marketing Initiation, CoinMarketCap Application, CoinGecko Application, First DEX Listings, DEXTools Update, and Birdeye Update. Investors can still purchase Dogeverse through various cryptocurrencies on the official website via their affiliate link for secure transactions.

Potential investors can visit our guide on how to buy Dogeverse tokens here.

Influencers and media hype surrounding this multi-chain meme coin

Excitement surrounding Dogeverse is buzzing across social media platforms, with influencers, investors, and crypto enthusiasts actively engaging in discussions about the project.

Jacob Crypto Bury, a well-known YouTuber and crypto influencer, has expressed optimism about Dogeverse, even suggesting it could eventually reach a price of $1. He believes Dogeverse is fostering unity within the meme community.

Notably, the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel, boasting over 700K subscribers, recently predicted that Dogeverse could see a 100x increase and emerge as the “best crypto to buy now.”

Prominent YouTubers are also drawing attention to Dogeverse’s potential, with Claybro, who has nearly 130k subscribers, creating a video about it. He recommends purchasing Dogeverse tokens before the presale concludes, anticipating significant value growth after the official launch.

Furthermore, major media outlets like CryptoPotato, Cointelegraph, and BeInCrypto have covered Dogeverse. With endorsements from key industry figures and grassroots support from investors, this multi-chain meme coin is positioning itself as a top contender in the crypto space.

However, as the presale deadline approaches, prospective buyers must act swiftly to capitalize on the fixed, discounted price. To participate in the $DOGEVERSE token presale, visit


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