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Filecoin’s Price is $6.88, Ranking 27th in the Ecosystem. Is it a Good Short-Term Investment?

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The major benefit of Filecoin is you can finally trust the security of our data. Why? Because centralized entities cannot compete with blockchain’s transparency and free-for-all markets. The Filecoin currency capitalizes on this very fact.

With IPFS and Filecoin, Protocol Labs envisions enabling one of the main pillars of a fast, decentralized internet – data storage. You won’t worry about losing your data if an organization fails or raises its prices dramatically. Besides, the network will reward you if you contribute unused space.

For your investment options, here is a Filecoin price prediction.

Filecoin (FIL) Price Prediction 

Currently, Filecoin’s Price is $6.89, and it ranks #27 in the entire crypto ecosystem based on data collected recently. There are 394,389,502 Filecoins in circulation, valued at $2,713,583,103.

By March 6, 2023, we project Filecoin could reach $7.21, a rise of 4.59% from its current value. The sentiment in the market is neutral, while the fear & greed index is 50 (Neutral). The price volatility over the last 30 days was 19.69%, with 12/30 (40%) green days. Investing in Filecoin right now seems a good idea based on our Filecoin forecast.

Trading costs might be $7.09 at the minimum and $7.56 at the maximum in March. The average expectation is that Filecoin might be worth $7.36 as the month progresses.

In April 2023, crypto analysts expect the average Filecoin rate to be around $7.58, based on the price fluctuations in 2023 and previous years. The Price can drop as low as $7.25 or reach $7.93 at its maximum.

An Overview of Filecoin’s Marketplace

Everyone shares a market for data storage in Filecoin’s ecosystem. FIL tokens power all Filecoin transactions. In exchange for storing files on the network, clients pay FIL, while they reward nodes who commit space in FIL. 

Filecoin data storage
Filecoin data storage

You can also use FIL to vote on key decisions for the Filecoin project and its utility function as a token for the Filecoin marketplace. The Filecoin marketplace works:

  • Finding a provider: If you want to store 1 TB of vacation photos on Filecoin, you can. Choose a Filecoin-based decentralized application, such as Estuary or ChainSafe Files. Drag-and-drop capabilities, a choice of providers, and agreement terms, are all accessible through these applications.
  • Contract negotiation: After choosing a provider that suits your specific needs, you can negotiate the storage price in FIL tokens. The next step is to pay the provider to keep your tokens. Once the transaction is complete, the agreement contract, and the transaction goes into the FIL blockchain.
  • Data retrieval: The network assigns retrieval miners to retrieve your data immediately after you send in a request. This service comes with a FIL cost. Retrieving it won’t cost much, but if you want it within seconds, you’ll have to pay them a considerable amount in FIL.

The Filecoin system is quite different. How? The providers contribute important utilities, storage capacity, and retrieval pipelines instead of the miners contributing computational power (hashing power). In exchange for storing and retrieving data, providers receive Filecoin’s native cryptocurrency, FIL.

Filecoin- Safe data storage
Filecoin- Safe data storage

The crypto market presents difficult obstacles for FIL, but the company is admired by institutional and individual investors alike. FIL is still popular among those who hope it can become a significant player in the crypto industry. 


Filecoin is a revolutionary decentralized storage system that frees users from the limitations of centralized storage services, like the Cloud. It can guarantee secure and reliable transactions by utilizing concepts such as proof of spacetime and replication.

However, based on our price prediction, we expect the FIL coin to be an excellent long-term investment. Before investing in the token, please research it even though we are bullish.

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