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Everything you need to know about the Walking Dead NFTs

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The Walking Dead NFT
The Walking Dead NFT

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AMC Networks is all set to launch NFTS for its famous drama – The Walking Dead (TWD). The long-running show is finally going to be a part of the NFT space. They are launching the tokens with a multiyear NFT strategy so that the franchise is alive even after the show ends on television. To create the wide range of The Walking Dead NFT content, AMC is collaborating with Orange Comet, an NFT creative studio startup. Orange Comet will produce as well as be the marketplace for the NFTs.

What will the Walking Dead NFTs collection include?

The collection will initially have 10,000 productive art pieces featuring The Walking Dead’s iconic past and present characters. The price of these pieces will be $50 each. Priced at $250 per article, the collection will also have 750 original animations. These will be based on inspiration from various TWD scenes.

Apart from these collectibles, it will also launch NFT ‘Walker Access Passes’ for sale. These NFTs will cost $311 and will be available for purchase just 24 hours prior, indicating a go-ahead for Season 11. These are unique NFTs using which users can access exclusive future The Walking Dead NFT drops all around the year. Once the 24-hour purchase period for these NFTs expires, the window will only open after a year.

Kim Kelleher, president, commercial revenue and partnerships at AMC said, “As the ‘Walking Dead’ flagship series enters into its final stretch this year, we are excited to provide our hordes of passionate fans with a unique, new way to celebrate the series they’ve loved for the past 11 seasons.”

When will the collection be launched?

The TWD NFTs will be launched in phases. The first drop will be on 20 February 2022 at 1 p.m. ET. The launch will coincide with the premiere of the second part of The Walking Dead’s final season. It will air at 9 p.m. ET on AMC on the same evening.

Post initial drop, fans will be able to buy the succeeding Walking Dead NFTs throughout the show’s final season. This will lead to a virtual community that will revolve around the series, allowing fans to buy, sell, and trade their TWD NFTs. As per the company, it will also generate scope for them to earn TWD series-inspired fan experiences.

NFTs and exclusive ownership

NFTs offer exclusive ownership to users looking to buy digital collectibles. These collectibles can hold anything- from unique artwork to Disneyland tickets. The technology related to NFTs was launched in 2017 and its craze has only escalated in early 2021. People across the globe are now talking about NFTs and creators are leveraging the wide prospects that these tokens and the network offer. NFTs are influencing sectors like entertainment, sports, music, designers, writers, etc.

NFTs, also called non-fungible tokens, are digital collectibles offering unique ownership. Many companies are creating only a limited number of NFTs to make the supply scarce so that the demands and ownerships remain exclusive. The concept of NFTs has quickly received immense attention and we now see companies such as Marvel minting NFTs.

Orange Comet and TWD

Orange Comet will launch The Walking Dead NFTs and the Orange Comet Marketplace will act as the platform where these NFTs will be sold. The marketplace is driven by Eluvio’s blockchain technology. Striker Entertainment was the licensing agent that brokered this NFT deal.

Orange Comet has raised about $20 million. Its co-founders include the producer and writer David Broome, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, Cuban American musician and producer Emilio Estefan, and Cuban American singer, actress, and businesswoman Gloria Estefan.

Orange Comet managed several NFT drops including Stan Lee’s first Indian superhero, ‘Chakra the Invincible’, created with Sharad Devarajan. As per Broome’s statement, the entire collection sold out within a minute. It included 7,000 unique “Chakraverse” artworks along with limited editions and animations of its graphic novel.

How can fans buy these NFTs?

To buy these NFTs, you can pre-register by simply signing up at Orange Comet’s website. If you want to buy The Walking Dead NFTs, you will be required to have an Eluvio digital media wallet, whose setup is easy and convenient.

You can purchase these NFTs on Orange Comet’s marketplace by using credit cards as well as cryptocurrency.

Many creators and fans feel that there is going to be quite a stir around the NFT ‘Walker Access Passes’. Since these will be available only for a limited time (just 24 hours prior), fans are already excited about the NFT drops of TWD. If you are keen on buying these passes, then you will need to be prompt in your purchase as these will not be available for a year after the 24-hour purchase window shuts. It will be exciting to see how crazy the scene will be when the drops begin on 20 February 2022.

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