EOSIO to Invest in Companies Looking to Improve the EOS Network

EOSIO Network Implements Upgrade Through Hard Fork
EOSIO Network Implements Upgrade Through Hard Fork

Block.one, the team behind the EOS blockchain platform that describes itself as an “open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility,” will be utilizing EOS VC, the venture capital division of itself, to fund projects on the platform, a new report from the company reads.

According to the release, this offering called the Grants Program, is meant to nurture and cater to an ever-growing community of users on the EOS platform. On top of this, it’s worth noting that EOS VC will be handing out these grants without ownership conditions.

Those who qualify for the grant will be offered around $50,000 to “complete milestones” that improve the EOSIO network, hence the reason for funding more of these projects on the blockchain platform. All companies of all sizes can qualify.

Speaking on the matter is Brendan Blumer, the CEO of Block.one:

“Since the EOSIO software was released in 2018, Block.one has supported the collaboration that has helped fuel the growth of the community of users and developers in all corners of the world. We continue to be inspired by the passion we see from  innovative blockchain companies that promote the global entrepreneurial spirit of our community. Through the EOS VC Grants Program, we intend to identify and empower even more people to further enrich the ecosystem with fresh ingenuity and imagination.”

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