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EOS Hackathon in London Concludes, Winners Demo New Privacy-Focused dApp

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The EOS London Hackathon has drawn to a close, and the winners of the contest have been announced. The two-day event ran from September 22 to 23 and was hosted by London’s Science Museum.

Participants were asked to use the EOSIO blockchain to create an app that improves privacy and security:

Winners Announced

Several unique entries were submitted to the Hackathon, and Ben Sigman’s blog has provided a detailed overview of the winning entries. First prize ($100k) was awarded to EOS Shield, a whitelisting tool that only permits specific EOS transactions:

“EOS Shield allows both accounts and contracts on EOS to choose who they interact with by building a whitelist. This project has the potential to disrupt identity verification online using the EOS Blockchain.”

Second prize ($25k) was awarded to Chestnut, another tool that provides a whitelisting service. This app also won the award for “Best User Experience”.

Third prize ($10k) was given to OnTheBlock, a tool for storing identities and passport information on the EOS blockchain. This is already a core feature of some blockchains, such as Ontology and Civic, but it is not a built-in feature of EOS.

Some entries and participants were not ranked, but were awarded with titles. Geneos, a marketplace for genetic data, was declared to be the entry with the “Greatest Social Impact.” Additionally, the Cybercode Twins were awarded the title of “Best Social Media”:

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Upcoming Competitions

The EOS Hackathon is a series of competitions run by, the software publisher behind the EOS blockchain.

These contests have been running since EOS was launched in June, and Ben Sigman reports that this was the “largest EOS Hackathon yet.” 470 contestants from 44 countries produced a total of 90 entries.

Previous Hackathons took place earlier this year in Hong Kong and Sydney. The next event will take place in San Francisco in November, followed by a grand finale in December.

A Good Look For EOS

EOS has quickly become a popular platform for blockchain-based app development, and it is by far the most popular alternative to Ethereum. EOS is currently sitting comfortably at #5 by market cap.

However, EOS is facing various issues: costs to developers seem to be on the rise, some block producers are performing poorly, and the platform’s governance model remains controversial.

This event is a more positive story. Along with new hires and generous bug bounties, community-focused events such as the Hackathon will surely benefit the platform’s public image.

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